Clashes in Curva B during Naples and Milan, as the leader of the fedayeen explains

Clashes in Curva B during Naples and Milan, as the leader of the fedayeen explains

photo Clashes in Curva B between the ultras groups of Naples During last Sunday’s game against AC Milan they toured Italy.

Ultras protest and the issue of Maradona banner These are the topics that occupy the front pages of newspapers and sports websites: the great work of Spalletti’s team seems to have almost faded into the background.

And interference in the clashes and the regulation of use in Maradona Alexander Cosentinothe historical leader of the Fedayeen, the ultras group located in Curva B. These are his words to Mics handle.

the smoke bombs They weren’t thrown onto the field, it was a way of showing our anger, so to speak “We’ve always been by your side, through thick and thin.”.

There was one sermon sermon Between a group that pretended nothing happened: we always sang songs together, While silence prevailed on Sunday, some did not agreeBut it all ended there. Anything that is violent cannot be linked to sports and football matches.

This confrontation has always been between one social color and another, between one idea and another, and therefore, if a group of friends were fighting over the football match on Thursday, how could it not happen in such an important story as the story of groups. We also forget something important: They called us southerners, cholera sufferers, earthquake victims, but now people seem to have forgotten that. For years, in all the stadiums of Italy, we have found hostility towards our land.

Clashes have always been condemned and unjustified, but they happen all over the world, not just Naples, our stadium is probably one of the few that is still good. I don’t associate the word ultras with violence. We have done a lot in the social field and participated in many events for children in hospitals And for all the people who need help.

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We make sacrifices to stay close to Naples, covering the kilometers and leaving our families and children to this great passion. We put our hands in our pockets to all the choreographies we’ve done over the years and our dear boss was amazedwas very proud of it and they said it should be done in all sectors of the stadium.

De Laurentiis, as soon as he arrived in Naples, wanted to meet us, both Curva A and Curva B, at the Hotel Vanvitelli in Caserta. He could have been, after Maradona, the symbol of the rebirth of Naples, He can have a half-length bust around town For what he did and for what he presented in the mathematical sense of the thing. The problem is that he never understood how to act, in the past he criticized our land and our traditions and he still does today with this absurd situation.

We wanted to discuss with him to understand the reason for this stubbornness however We were not given the chance to meet him. Until yesterday the protests were coming from other sectors, I think he struggles with being the number one actor and he invented this cheerleading story and choreography. One week they let you put up flags and banners and the next week they didn’t. Once we were told that we could not because of the events with the Romans, once because of those who were in Frankfort, but one cannot condemn without understanding from whom these clashes arose. Today they talk about regulating usage, but it should apply to everyone, even to the remote sector, but this does not happen.

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They all know us, the last arrival was in the camp 20 years ago, they don’t need to get to know us, they know very well what kind of children we are. We never asked for a free ticket, or any kind of concession, never anything. This form came to fill out this form today, but we weren’t asked for anything.

We have always provided ourselves with historical flags and banners, and nothing has been imposed on us. Sometimes we don’t open the backpacks, because the hosts know what’s inside, and they won’t be disrespectful.

Today I can’t really imagine a scudetto party, I’m so disappointed with everything that’s happening to us. We guys didn’t deserve this treatment, I think my time is up, all this doesn’t belong to me anymore, it’s a whole virtual world, of social networks and all the people talking about the ultras movement. In my opinion, the world of ultras has been dead for several years now.

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