Milan, Forlani: “I was sure Jovic would do well. Zirkzee? Very early.”

Milan, Forlani: “I was sure Jovic would do well. Zirkzee? Very early.”

During the event organized by Milan to launch the fourth shirt, the CEO of the Rossoneri spoke Giorgio Forlani Talk to journalists about different topics related to current events. On Ibrahimovic's “One Man Show” in Sanremo, he said: “As I have said many times, Ibrahimovic represents a great added value. He was a hero on the field and he will continue to be a hero off the field as well. We are lucky.” “As fans of Milan, as coaches, Milan will be our partner.”

Regarding the issue of the stadium in San Donato:
“We have this project in San Donato, and we are moving forward on our way. It is a long process, of course, but we hope to have a new stadium as soon as possible, and we also deny the disadvantages of the fact that in Italy it is complicated to invest in infrastructure.”

On Milan's performance:
“It went the way it was. We had a difficult period and we weren't lucky either with the injury problem, but now everyone is starting to come back little by little. The last few games have gone well. Now the fingers crossed and we hope to finish the season well.” ”

In the Scudetto struggle:
“We go out on the field in every match to win. The calculations are made in the end.”

Su Liao:
“We appreciate all our players. Rafa was unlucky in front of goal. The goals will come.”

In the market just concluded:
“A lot of you are asking me but I told you throughout January that someone else will not necessarily arrive. We are happy that Gabia is back. We have Kier, Simic, other players and others coming back. We always said 'We will not buy just for the sake of it. The players are there, and the emergency is over.' Buying for the sake of buying was to please the masses but not a real necessity.”

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Regarding the rumors regarding Milan substitutes:
“The rumors about Milan's replacement in February also bother me. Pioli is our coach, the club is with him, and Zlatan also repeated that because these rumors are boring and annoying. We are grateful for what he has done so far.” We are lucky to have him with us.”

On the expiry of Giroud's future in June:
“Olivier is a great champion. He came on a two-year contract and he did it so well that we decided to continue and this year he is in even better form.”

Your Zarqazi:
He added: “He performed well against us in this tournament, but he is a player from another team, but it is too early to talk about that.”

Could transfer strategies change in the summer given the new Champions League?
“Absolutely not. When we get to January next year we will evaluate how to move forward.”

About the Napoli match:
He added: “We are in good condition, and our boys like to decide matches at the last minute, and things may end this way against Napoli as well.”

On Jovic's performance:
“I'm not at all surprised by Jovic. I was sure he would do it.”

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