Trinieri World Cup Silver 5 km away

Trinieri World Cup Silver 5 km away

Great Open Water Relief for Italy: Silver and Bronze Arrivals

it is big Italia In the open waters Ai Swimming World Championships in Budapest. They arrived at Lake Luba Silver and Bronze for Blue Flight, both at 5km: to conquer them are straight Gregorio Paltrinieri In the male test e Julia Gabrielski in the female. The 27-year-old from Carpi is second behind Willbrook, while the 25-year-old from Pistoia climbs to the lowest rung on the podium in the race won by Brazilian Kona.

Paltrinieri Set the three-type ai World Cup in BudapestThe 27-year-old from Carpi, after gold in the 1500 freestyle and bronze in the 4×1500 open water relay, triumphs over the different third metal in his version and takes the silver in the 5km, always in open water. With a great test, it ends up blue behind the competitor of these latest releases Florian Willbrook Who gives gold to Germany, while he who takes bronze Mikhailo Romanchuk for Ukraine.

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It was 52’52” 70 time Paltrinieri, who came nearly four seconds behind a Teutonic after a long head-to-head encounter at Loba Lake: 52’48” 80 for Willbrook, who consequently took home his fourth World Championships gold. Far from the top of Romanshuk, at 25″ 10 from the winner of the Today, while remaining at the foot of the podium, but after a great performance, the other blue in the race, Domenico Aserenza: 53’22” 60 lap times from 27-year-old Potenza. Budapest 2022, second comes from open water.

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Italy, however, is not satisfied with the Silver Paltrinieri and strikes at the spot 3rd medalist in many open water races: Giulia Gabrielskiin fact, climb to the lowest rung on the platform and take Bronze In 5 km ladies. Final hits are key: the 25-year-old from Pistoia, in fact, resists the pressure despite a yellow card in the final race and manages to withstand the attack of Germany’s Leonie Beck, who was predicted by a 1″ 30.57″ 54″ 90 time Gabbrielleschi, versus 57’56” 20 from Teutonic. The race goes to Brazil’s Ana Marcela Cunha, who wins the gold, while the silver goes to France with AurĂ©lie Muller. The other blue in the race, Jennifera Taducci, sixth, is long shoulder-to-shoulder with Gabrielski battling for the medal but slipping away on the final stage.

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