Ukraine's army acknowledges the fall of Avdiivka and promises to “retake it.”

Ukraine's army acknowledges the fall of Avdiivka and promises to “retake it.”

huge Clay blocks They are permanently attached to the shoes of the soldiers of the 28th Brigade who occupy this military position, in an unknown location bachmut forehead, Not far from the city of Kostyantinivka, in the Donbass region under the control of the government of Ukraine. Here, after crossing a damp road consciously interrupted by tracks of armored vehicles, spread among foliage, trees and camouflage nets, A Soviet-made T-72 tank was stolen from the Russian army a year ago. A vehicle equipped with a 125 mm cannon will have to go out against Russian forces if they attempt to conquer the newly occupied area.Avdiivka And advance towards the north. “Of course, defending in an open field is more complicated than defending in an urban setting, but we have a job to do and we put our feelings aside,” he reacts professionally. Phoenixcommander of a tank unit.

Phoenix, who prefers to keep his name secret for security reasons, believes that the withdrawal decision taken by the Ukrainian authorities in the previous hours is the correct decision. Emphasis on that The area was indefensible in the face of the impossibility of keeping supply lines open. Looking to the future, he orders his country's military leadership and its allies in the West to confront with technology the defect of confronting a country like Russia, which has far superior human resources and is ruled by a totalitarian regime that has no limits. A country with a strong civil society. He adds: “In Russia there is no middle class, there are only the rich and the common people who are sent to war without being able to complain.”

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beside him, Vyacheslav, 38 years old, He even finds reasons for optimism, and considers that his country's armed forces are gradually gaining experience in this line, and are implementing Conduct increasingly precise remote military operations through the use of drones, in operations that reduce human losses. He concludes: “In this aspect, we are much better than we were a year ago; now only a few moments pass between the moment one of these flying devices identifies the target and the moment it fires.” Negotiating or surrendering the current push of Russian forces is not an option for either army. “I shoot myself first,” Phoenix says.

Lessons for the future

Rustam Umarov, Defense Minister in Zelensky's government, revealed in a tweet the lessons learned for the future, which also carries an implicit message for Western allies: “We need modern anti-aircraft systems so that the enemy cannot use aviation bombs, also in the long term.” – Long-range systems to destroy enemy ammunition stores as well as artillery shells. Regarding the need to build fortifications, Omerov says it is something that is being “implemented and strengthened.” The government official described the decision to “save the people” as “appropriate” and promised to return: “Avdiivka will be restored.” For his part, the new Commander-in-Chief of the Army Oleksandr Sirsky praised the courage of Ukrainian fighters. He added: “Our soldiers performed their military duty with dignity, did their best to destroy the best Russian units, and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy in terms of military and human power.”

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Conditions under which Ukraine will implement its withdrawal from the region, a The industrial suburb is ten kilometers from Donetsk, which was once a regional capital, will also highlight the current balance of power on the Ukrainian fronts. While Russia, oralIan GagginThe advisor to the occupied territories had indicated that the withdrawal had been carried out in a chaotic manner, and the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) found no evidence on this matter. “The World War Institute has observed no visible evidence of significant or chaotic withdrawals of Ukrainian soldiers; however, continued marginal Russian advances in and around Avdiivka indicate that Ukrainian forces are conducting a relatively controlled withdrawal,” he noted.

Another unknown that needs to be revealed is whether Ukraine will be able to recover all the soldiers currently inside Avdiivka. In some Ukrainian military media, the impossibility of the command in maintaining communication with all its units was confirmed, and there was a fear that some of the city's defenders would end up captured by Russian forces. Other sources reported that members of the Russian Volunteer Corps, one of the units of the neighboring country fighting alongside the Ukrainian army against Vladimir Putin's regime, were still inside the city.

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