Trading, artificial intelligence and the metaverse

Trading, artificial intelligence and the metaverse


“Thanks to AI, small businesses and local commerce now have the ability to create more content and automate processes.”

Luis Filho
Young businessman from Sant Cugat
02/18/2024 04.30 h.

For many years, small businesses have made efforts not to fall behind, in a race in which they have often entered at a disadvantage. the Technological investments in e-commerceIn mobile apps or personalized and geo-specific advertising, for example, it puts small businesses between a rock and a hard place and at a distinct disadvantage when facing larger competitors, with larger structures and more robust investment capabilities.

However, today, AI and the Metaverse provide opportunities for all businesses, and proximity trading can benefit. When we talk about integrating AI strategies or virtual spaces into the metaverse, someone might get dizzy, but if we think coldly, objectively and realistically, and ask ourselves; What can this technology do for my business? Everyone will find an answer.

Thanks to AI, small businesses and local commerce now have the ability to create more content and automate processes. Thanks to virtual reality, communicating with the user and being present on the street gives him a great advantage. Which one? Well, it's easy to imagine, for example, when you think of a hardware store or a real estate agency, which gives up space in its headquarters so that future customers can consult dozens of properties in a few minutes using virtual reality glasses or use various home appliances that the store can Sell ​​it.

Sant Cugat has a rich associational fabric and local trade that is the envy of many other towns. Once again, if the administration extends a helping hand to him, he will have the opportunity to lead a revolution that will put the city at the forefront of the country. To do this, all you need is desire, time and money, and this is easy to achieve.

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