Berlusconi in a new voice: “Zelensky? I can’t say what I think.” Faye’s deputies applaud. Then: “The European Union and the United States do not have leaders.”

Berlusconi in a new voice: “Zelensky? I can’t say what I think.”  Faye’s deputies applaud.  Then: “The European Union and the United States do not have leaders.”

a new sound From Silvio Berlusconicomplete with clap subordinate Representatives From Come on ItalyDefinitely embarrassing Georgia Meloni and its consistent pro-Atlantic positions. And also comment a choice Antonio Tajani As follows Minister of Foreign Affairs. reviews on Volodymyr Zelensky and the Western leadershipreconstruct what happened in Donbass In the past eight years and the fundamental defense of Russian President Vladimir Putinwith whom the leader of Fi exchanged gifts and “sweet messages” Not even a month ago, it was included in the second audio (He listens) Taken while gathering with newly elected members of the House of Representatives and broadcast by LAPRESS. In the wake of First recording when resuming relations with head KremlinAnother bomb explodes under the chair Italy brothers The prime minister’s pectore on the eve of the start Consulting to me Quirinal, where the center-right is expected to unite. “I disturbing words. But it is a problem for Forza Italia. The more they are Untrustworthythe less space they have,” Fdi’s authoritative sources explain, emphasizing that this approach risks becoming a file “Vietnam”but only “for them” Not for government work.

“I can’t say what I think…”. And everyone applauds – “I don’t see how they can join the mediation table put it in And the Zelensky. Because there is no possible way. Zelensky, in my opinion … Forget it, I can’t tell… ”, says Berlusconi to the applause of the honorable members. “What is the other danger, the other danger that we all face: today, unfortunately, in the Western world, There are no leadersthere is no in Europe and in United States of America. I’m not telling you the things I know but there are no real leaders. Can I make you smile? L ‘The only real boss This is me…,” the founder added Come on Italy Far from being a veiled criticism of the president Joe Biden And at the head of the European Union regarding the strategy adopted before and after the invasion that Moscow wants. Phrases that are likely to irritate partnersAtlantic Alliance And that the embarrassment of Tajani was intending to drive Farnesina Accordingly temporary chessboard for the fledgling government. If it is already the first sound on alcoholic gifts And the messages that Berlusconi and Putin exchanged recently Infuriated some members European People’s PartyA fresh reaction from Fi allies in Europe is expected. It is no coincidence that Tajani announced that he will participate Thursday in the EPP summit “to confirm The pro-European positionpro-Atlantic and full support For Ukraine and Forza Italy”.

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If Zelensky says ‘I don’t attack anymore,’ it’s over. Urgent need after me 4 minutes of audio In which the former prime minister essentially offered Putin’s vision he was forced to intervene because of Ukrainian movesBefore and after Zelensky’s election. MORE: According to Berlusconi, ‘Caesar’ was resistant to invasion but would have suffered pressure From all over Russia, he was ready for one blitzkrieg To replace Zelensky “respectable and common-sense people”. Then the former prime minister blamed two factors for the ongoing conflict. First: a decisionthe West To provide immediate support. Second, the choice of the Ukrainian president to respond to the attack. The war waged in Ukraine is a massacre Soldiers and the gods Citizens of Ukraine – were the words of the leader of Forza Italy – if he said I don’t attack anymoreEverything is over (…). So if there is no strong intervention, this war will not end.”

“With Zelensky’s attacks tripled in Donbass” – Before starting the process of rebuilding relations between Ukraine and Russia in the past eight years: the request of ” maximum secrecy Based on his words, Berlusconi began to say: “In 2014 a Minskin Belarus, a an agreement Between Ukraine and my republic Donbass to peace agreement without one attacking the other.” He continues, “Ukraine throws this treaty into hell a year later and begins to do so. Border attack from the two republics. The two republics of victims between army I was told, a 5-6-7 thousand dead. Then he turns to the period when the current Ukrainian president took power in Kyiv: “Zelensky arrived, three times The two republics. become dead (…) Burning tothe two republics (…) send one delegation to me He flies (…) Finally they managed to talk to Putin. They say: “Vladimir do not know what to do, you are defending us.” At that time, the head of the Kremlin was acquitted: “It is the opposite for any initiative, Withstandsis subject a strong pressure From all over Russia. Then he decided to invent one special operation: the troops had to enter Ukraine, within a week to reach Kyiv, dismissal of the government In office, Zelensky and so on, and put a government he has already chosen Ukrainian minority of people. from the public for good Based on Common senseAnother week to come back.

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“Weapons from the West Unexpected Case” – a Reconstruction Similar to what he had already shown From door to door Shortly before the vote September 25. At that time he had tried to put out the fire his words had caused by making it clear that he had reported “others’ thoughts”. Facing the newly elected members of the Chamber of Deputies, Berlusconi continued to rebuild, in his version, what Putin had to face: “He entered Ukraine and faced unexpected situation It is unpredictable resistance By the Ukrainians who started receiving on the third day money And the arms from the West. Instead of war being a two-week process, it became one Two hundred years war and break. So, this is the war situation in Ukraine.” At least in Berlusconi’s novel, which he then tried to explain Through a phone call with a manager TgLa7 Enrico Mentana His words are also derived from “general concern” Concerning the climate ‘that has arisen in the relationship between Russia, Europe and the West, with the United States government which has ignorant The multilateral promises given by Donald Trump”. Anyway, those four minutes are destined to be hit by an earthquake, more or less knowingly, the government. Or at least the people who will be a part of it.

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