USA, suspended chamber dress code for Senator Fetterman: Anger from Republicans

USA, suspended chamber dress code for Senator Fetterman: Anger from Republicans

For a week, there has been a debate on the seats in the US Senate, not related to politics, but rather to clothing. Since Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, issued a directive that the 100 senators “are free to wear what they want in the chamber,” while emphasizing that he will continue to choose a suit and tie. The decision that provokes discussion, which arises – according to whatAP– Allow Democratic Senator John Fetterman to enter the Senate wearing a sweatshirt, sneakers, and shorts after being hospitalized for six weeks for depression (unless he enters the actual room), so he can feel more comfortable. But when the Senate dress code changed a few days ago, Republicans rebelled, accusing Democratic leadership of adopting a measure tailored to the Pennsylvania senator.


Schumer’s decision sparked an uproar among Republican senators, with 46 of them signing a letter in which they called the new casual look “a disrespect for the institution we serve and the American families we represent.” Republican Susan Collins launched the provocation, telling reporters: “Tomorrow I will come to the Senate in a bikini.” Even for his colleague Roger Marshall, “Senators have to have a certain level of decency.” Fetterman, who is known for favoring blazers and sweatpants over jackets and ties, is clearly excited about the change. “America was founded on freedom and choice,” the Democratic senator told The Hill. But there is no shortage of Democrats criticizing their leader’s decision, such as centrist Joe Manchin, who called the new dress code “wrong” because it “demeans” the Senate. Other Democrats have sidestepped the controversy by saying there are more serious problems.

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More “decency” and “dignity” for clothing in the room: suggestion

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