Microsoft and Activision reject the FTC’s request to block the acquisition

Microsoft and Activision reject the FTC’s request to block the acquisition

Justice Jacqueline Scott Corley has FTC request denied about the Preventing the acquisition of Activision Blizzard from Microsoft Even the outcome of the appeal, a move by the US Antitrust Committee in an attempt to buy time.

“The Federal Trade Commission is asking this court to hold the merger in question pending a decision The FTC is appealing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This motion was denied,” reads the ruling by Judge Corley, the same person who decided Microsoft won the lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission.

As reported, the FTC has appealed the judge’s decision however Times are very tight This is why the US regulator has tried to track down a temporary block, which could grant the Ninth Circuit Court the necessary margin for trading.

not finished yet

Judge Corley

In Microsoft’s view, it would have been better if the judge had attached (and thus repeated) the reasons for the denial, in order to give the document a different value, but the fact remains that the FTC has turned to A race against time Because of the same antitrust strategy.

It’s about twenty-four hours now The duration of the restraining order, and then Redmond House will be able to finalize the takeover, at which point there will obviously be no appeal. Still, the possibility remains that the court can articulate itself before that happens: It’s going to be a busy weekend.

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