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After the draw with Inter, the You are host Sassuolo In order to gain a place in the world rankings. “There are matches to play like those played by Inter and others To win like the one with Sassuolo – clearer Massimiliano Allegri -. Otherwise, Milan’s point would be meaningless.” Dybala, Kiza, Perrin and de Ligt will play” He added talking about training.

Allegri’s words

How is the team?
“We are recovering Rabiot, but there will be no Kane and Bernardeschi. Sassuolo plays very clean football, they have players with good technique. Dionissi proved to be a good coach in his first experience in Serie A”

Sassuolo obstacle
“There are some games that have to be played like Sunday’s game, and then there are games that have to be won like tomorrow’s game. An important treble starts that will lead us to the break.”

The owner of Caio Jorge?
“From the start, no, even if he proved to be a good player and character when he came to the pitch. He showed up, then got injured and did well. He’s so smart that he knows football very well”

Victory with Rome
“It allowed us to go to Milan to play with Inter and consider a draw a good result. Now we are in a position to put in a good performance, but we have to win against Sassuolo. We have to play a fair game from a technical and physical point of view. In these 10 days. We play a lot and we need to know.”

Match risks against Sassuolo
“We play at 18.30 on Wednesday and we come from a match that was very interesting and valuable in front of 60,000 people in San Siro. Tomorrow we have to be good because preparing will be a more complex match. We play against a team. The team that if you let it play puts you in crisis. We need Until we are compact and play better and score two goals, which is something we haven’t done for some time.”

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Locatelli and Arthur
“They have similar characteristics, but they can also play together perhaps with Arthur more than the right midfielder as he did at Barcelona. I will define the midfield tomorrow morning.”

Is the attack a problem?
“This is not a problem. Dybala is developing too. Morata scored 21 goals in the Champions League and the Church last year and I think Dybala was not there last year. His goals will be important. He needs the goals of the midfielders. We are working on both the defensive and defensive phases as usual.”

Dybala and the offensive phase
“We are doing better in the defensive phase, but we must always be careful. Dybala has the goal more in his blood. Kane scored two goals, and Locatelli scored too. But without CR7 now, the whole team will have to make up for his 30 goals. Dybala plays and Chiesa. He will play Perin is also at Szczesny’s place and De Ligt will be back too”

growing players
“Dybala is a player with important technique. Kulusevski last night in Milan had a good game in the first 60 minutes because he had to play that game. He also put a good ball in the middle. There is general growth aside. For everyone, physically and mentally. That allows me to By making changes because the team suffers from them less. I would say that there are good prospects for the future. But tomorrow we have to win, there is no way.”

church chapter
“He is an international player with a certain level of energy expenditure. He came from many matches played, on Sunday I had read the match for the first 60 minutes in a certain way. But by mistake I put Kulusevski on Brozovic. Chiesa is not. I went to the bench because The imperfection, and I read the game a certain way. Federico is a staple in the national team and Juventus. If they always play the same players in January, I kicked them out, they need 20 more players. Boys, they are not motorcycles. Every now and then they should be left to rest, it’s Not a physical problem so much as a mental one. Every now and then I have to let them go. If I manage the team well, we get to the bottom. With Inter we played a good match, Inter are the favorites for Scudetto even if Inzaghi can say no. We played Better than against Zenit In my opinion, football is questionable and it all depends on the value of the opponent.”

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Cuadrado with Morata, Kiza and Dybala?
“They can also play together, anything is possible”

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