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August 03, 2022

At Cali, the Italians made it to the final with 57.78, crew touches, and 58.07 (for the fourth and seventh time on trial). After a two-hour hiatus due to bad weather, Benedetti finished 12th in the Discobola. In 200 she improved Tonella at 20.95

Two out of two for blue from 400 obstacles FIFA U-20 World Cup From Cali, in Colombia. On the evening of the third day, they both conquered the final by pass separation with recovery times. Even in the middle round, the best of Italians is Ludovica cable who finished third in the semi-finals at 57.78 and was confirmed at the personal record level, just one cent from 57.77 signed in Battery. Same placement for Alicia seramondiHe finished third in 58.07, after American Akala Jarrett (57.28) stole him from the seasonal world lead of the class. The goal is met, respectively, with Tests four and seven towards tomorrow’s final at around midnight (0.10 to be exact) which promises to perfectly balance out eight athletes within a second. Two hours after the races were suspended due to the storm, Benedetta is only 12th place Benedetti With 47.01 in the final disc. Loris grows into the semi-finals for 200 meters Tonillawith his head held high with his record of 20.95 (-0.2).

Attackers in the final – We also have to wait for the results of the third semi-final, which does not see the blue involved, but the wait is rewarded with a double ticket to the 400 hurdles final based on times. In the first “half” athletes take to the track only when it starts to rain at Pascual Guerrero Stadium, even if the thermometer is around 30 degrees. This time, Ludovica starts in the fourth lane cable, having set the fastest time in the opening round (57.77), while in third place is American Akala Jarrett, the only one of the direct opponents with a better score. Alexandria shows its qualities again, in the harmony of barriers and in the distribution of energies. If the American nominee is the winner, with nearly a twenty lead at 57.28, Sweden’s Hannah Karlsson, on the other hand, surprises, all the way to 57.34, taking more than a second off her personal best. Piedmontese, 57.78 is repeated to prove that it is now stable on these values, but third place does not give automatic qualification. Alicia is also the third seramondi: In the second straight final of the second semi-final with 58.07, she held her first two, South Africa’s Angie Neal (57.76) and Michelle Smith (Virgin Islands, 57.83) without being able to beat them, instead, Australian Isabella Guthrie breaks on The eighth obstacle that preceded the Lombards in the battery. Top times in the last semi-final and then the World Cup for Brescia continues, champion of the season with an exploit in Tricolori of Rieti at 57.29. Then the flood hits Kali, forcing the suspension of racing.

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Benedetti, the disc does not fly After stopping due to rain, and an hour later than the disc final compared to the original show, Benedetta enters the podium Benedetti But he didn’t find the launch he wanted. Blue opens with a measure of 47.01 for her, which is not so important, and then remains below with 46.11 and 46.63. In Monday’s qualifying, I was able to raise the race’s fortunes (Fragan ahead of 50.22 is useful to beat the Tour), this time with nothing to do: I entered the top eight with 49.24 and instead is twelfth, in one year from eighth in Nairobi last summer. The Romanian from Genzano has provided herself with respectable credentials, stretching to 53.53 this season. And the podium struggle was there: South African Miné de Klerk, whose weight was already gold, won bronze with a score of 53.54 but Sweden’s Emma won. scrala (56.15) from the Greek Despina Filipido (54.48).

TONELLA PB He leaves the scene with a smile, Loris Tonilla. For the man from Treviso, the world championship adventure in the 200 meters ends with a personal record of 20.95 (-0.2) with a two hundred lead, sixth in what turned out to be the fastest semi-final just two hundred meters from fourth (fourteenth overall). the time). This is the second time under twenty-one seconds for the 18-year-old from Treviso, who had raced at 20.97 to finish fourth in the Assoluti di Rieti and now cements the tenth place on the Italian junior rosters all-time.

Other surnames Jamaica’s double in the women’s 100 race and the second gold in a row in the U-20 World Cup for Tina Clayton It also pleases the staff, as it led by a cent with 10.95 (-0.1), winning the post over fellow countryman Serena Cole, 11.14. Kenya again on the 1500m, for the fifth time in a row in the event, with Reynolds Kipkourier Sheriot (3:35.83) to go out in a tough derby with Ethiopia. In the eighties, American Roisin won the comeback Willis, 1:59.13 on Swiss Audrey Werro (1:59.53). The final of the 110 Hours was decided in the last hurdle, with the Bahamas winning Antoine Andrews At 13.23 (+0.2) taking advantage of a mistake by Dutchman Matthew Sophia, the bronze also by 13.34 beat American Malik Mixon, 13.27. The women’s auction final has been postponed to tomorrow morning’s session (11 local time and 18 in Italy).

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He lives – The U-20 World Cup in Cali is broadcast live on TV from Monday 1 to Saturday 6 August RaiSport + HD In the Italian era (from about 4 pm) and in the Italian evening (from about 10 pm). Live broadcast on Ray Play.


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