“Let’s help each other. Stop. Let’s get vaccinated. Stop. We all want it to end. Stop »- Corriere.it

from Ariana Askion

In her monologue to Che tempo che fa, the Turin comedian made an appeal to those who oppose the vaccine and the green corridor: “What will happen is only in our hands and in our forearms”

“Dear No-Vax, No Green Pass, No Corona, No Virus, No Astra, No Zeneca, No One, No Insurance and for the carbon copy to the less vigilant Kennedy of the family”: thus begins the open letter that Luciana Littizzetto wrote to no-vaxRead live on Sunday evening at Che tempo che fa. The comedian in Turin, at a time when COVID-19 infections are increasing across Europe, chose irony in response to protesters who have taken to the streets in protest of the Green Corridor for several weeks. It begins with a note: “Now I understand that you will not change your mind: a vaccine for you is a repellent like Maneskins for Pillon. After seeing people die, doctors and nurses dressed as beekeepers leave us skin, pocket rows in Bergamo, infected friends who now have macrame lungs If cinemas, theaters, and discos have closed after you have seen millions of shops closed, after you have seen people dying of other diseases because hospitals were full of urgency, if not even words of hope, they are not meant as a virtue, but as a minister, who is more and more like Dracula To see him, they did not persuade you, my friend, well, let us take note ».

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Hence the request: “Let’s meet two meters away: At least avoid pretending. At least avoid assembly, leave the boxes empty. Anyway I tell you the green lane won’t remove it. Get it out of your head, because it’s the only way to let our economy not falter. exactly the contrary You can show it specifically because most of us have the green lane. Otherwise you will all be locked up in the house making dogs pee with rollers from the balconies.” Littizzetto invites no-vax, who is trying to understand his point of view and his fears, to try to understand “our fears, to think of us for a moment” “Yes vax”, “Ok I do vax”, “Better than nothing Vax”. Try to understand how much we can turn the text into us Hearing the new closures, let’s finally see GPs again, and hospitals fill up. Try to understand how much it hurts us to take the third dose, maybe then the fourth, fifth, sixth, even seventh for bra sizes because the virus keeps circulating.” even because “If we did the math, we would be many, but much more. We are vaccinated more or less than 47 million. If we go down to the field, we are the Lamorgian solids like my little ones. He doesn’t have to send anything but the police, as well as Lakes, Thunderbolt and Alpine troops on vacation. If we set ourselves to show it then it’s the end. Other than squares we fill the beaches. From Lignano Sabbiadoro to Santa Maria di Leuca and we make the whole Adriatic and I want to see ».

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The memory then goes back to how we spent Christmas last year (“Do we want Christmas like last year only between relatives? Three of us at the table but blood relatives? Six of us in nets against the hail, 8 of us but only if the twins are Siamese?” ), to closed factories (“Those wages that no longer exist, small businesses that went bankrupt due to lack of work”), to deserted cities (“With deer nibbling at traffic lights?”). Letizetto stresses that what will happen in the near future is in our hands: “Because now we no longer have an excuse to be unfortunate. What will happen is only in our hands and armsThe.” Then the message ends with a message: “I have read that some of you write violent and ferocious sentences on Telegram. That is why I do not have Telegram and I do not want to tell you neither in violent terms nor fierce ones, because we are all in the same boat, I tell you as if it were a telegram. “Let’s help each other. Whoa. Let’s get the best Christmas present. Whoa. Trying to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and the most vulnerable people. Whoa. Let’s get vaccinated. Whoa. We all want it to end. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.”».

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