A plane full of Ferraris takes off from Malpensa Airport

Flight by plane for more than ten Ferraris, special cargo departed from Malpensa Airport. Several pony cars took off, in the supercar lineup there were both racing models, road cars and even two-seaters, just like the ones we see racing on the Formula 1 circuits.

Facebook page “Vola Malpensa Milano Mxp” Unveiled photos of the private jet, several photos show Ferrari loaded on board a Boeing 777 freight model Saudi Shipping Company. Apparently all the staff working in the airport yard were amazed to see all those extraordinary supercars.

One Ferrari after another, of inestimable value, seen together, something that probably happens only once in a lifetime and has in fact piqued the interest of all present. The social page only talked about him huge astonishmentIt’s clearly inevitable, from men, who are instantly drawn to the precious and unique pregnancy. Cars that certainly could not go unnoticed, there were many of them and one of them is more beautiful than the other.

Most likely, the supercar heroes of the special trip in Malpensa were the same ones that appeared a few days ago in Mugil (where the new Daytona was just introduced) During private customer bids. A shipment of Maranello hypercars, of great value, are likely to leave for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where the next round of the championship is scheduled to take place during the month of December.

Boeing 777 freighter leaves Malpensa for Saudi Arabia

A plane full of Ferrari We haven’t seen him here in Malpensa, and who knows if we’ll see him again. Fans collected photos of the moment of boarding, when all those present stood with wide eyes on the tarmac. Malpensa has been witnessing a real boom in the freight sector for a year now. There is talk of an average growth always exceeding 30% compared to 2019. Aeroporti Lombardi enthusiasts, who are always super informative and have all the data on hand, predicted the October 2021 figures, which speak of 67,614 tons, a good +31.8% of 2019.

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