Ladies’ Paradise 6 December 8, 2021: Episode

Ladies’ paradise review December 6 8, 2021

episode Ladies’ Paradise 6 On December 8, 2021 expected in Rai 1 everybody 15:55 When viewed for the first time. What’s happening in this episode you can also follow Ray Play In the mail flow on demand?

Find below de progress Ladies’ Paradise 6 From December 8, 2021!

Antonella Ateli (Agnese Amato) in a scene from episode 56 of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 63 Conspiracy

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The first meeting between Marco and Gemma It was from the movies. Her heels broke and there he is, a young aristocrat in a luxury car, ready to reach out, literally. The girl lies to him by pretending to be from a higher social class than his, but the lie did not hold for long. Sant’Erasmo soon discovers the truth. He is not shocked by this, unlike the Countess who does not know what it takes for the males of the family. How are they always attracted to girls who are not at their level from a ranking point of view? The truth is that Marco is stubborn and has always loved the unscheduled. Conquering Gemma became his thing and he would never give up.

Stefania He intends to put a blaster in wheel A Marco. Already she’s forced to work with him, she can’t let him spoil my existence Gemma. Now Colombo feels more weight than “older half-sister” because Veronica She was entrusted with the task of taking care of her daughter.

The moment the Christmas tree is prepared is always a paradise witch. Dora Consider using the opportunity to try to get close to him Nino.

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Tina Soon he will undergo the operation and the pain will increase. In Casa Amato the tension between Salvatore and Agnes It is palatable and the problem is that it shows no signs of shrinking. The seamstress of Paradise has to deal with many thoughts that occupy her mind. So, he gets distracted and lets the iron run. This potential “bomb” in the workshop is a problem that can have serious consequences.

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