His work with the 23 trumpets in Gae Aulenti square and the lights of the newborn

A light was lit in the yard for every newborn in the hospital. “But is this true or is it a rumor?” In Bergamo, the city where he first brought his outfits in 1998, many still wonder today if the connection between the lampposts in the center of Piazza Dante and the maternity ward of the city hospital (first Rionetti, then Papa Giovanni XXIII, both kilometers away as he flies The crow from the clearing) was real or “fake”. And if turning the lights on completely outside of business hours is actually linked to electrical system tantrums. But no, it’s all true and it is Alberto Garotti Project. «The street lamps in this square – which he wrote on a board on the floor – are attached to the maternity ward of Ospedali Riuniti. Every time the light pulsates slowly, it means that a baby has been born.”

Monument to Those Born and “Voices” in Gay Aulenti Square

The button in the hospital was really there, the electric thrust too, even if a few tourists, their eyes on the floor, paid attention to the worn, sometimes illegible writing part of the original artwork. Newborn monument in Bergamo (and its poetic “copy” brought to other cities, From Rome to Ghent, to Istanbul, to Moscow and Plovdiv) is just one of Garotti’s works, Artist and professor-historian at the Brera Academy and PolytechnicWho died Saturday evening in Milan at the age of 75. He was considered a “master of public art”. In Milan it is his “egg”, work In Gae Aulenti Square Through it twenty-three trumpets Perfectly bonds four levels of coverage. The idea? Put your ear to one of the “tubes” to hear urban sounds and noises. At the bottom of the work is another sentence: «These pipes connect different places and spaces of the building, this work Dedicated to those who pass by here they will contemplate the sounds and sounds of the city ». Speaking of the installation in Bergamo (where the square has now undergone modification and redesign), meet him Art magazine In March 2023, he explained: “Of all my works, Ai Nati oggi was the most heard by the public. I think it’s an interesting work because throughout history memorials have been created for the dead, the wounded, the tragedies, the dead… Instead, I created work that was kind of anti-memorial to the living, and that had such a great response. I made “Ai nati oggi” for the first time in Bergamo in 1998, after the death of my mother led me to think about the topic of rebirth».

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Lecturer at Brera and Polytechnic

He was born in Galbiate (Lecco) in 1948 and has lived and worked in Milan. Artist and teacher, he studied at Iuav in Venice, College of Art and Design Professor at the School of Architecture at Milan Polytechnic And until 2013 all paint chair carrierBrera Academy of Fine Artsas it was one of the historical entries.

universal signature

Invited to major international events, such as the Venice Biennale in 1990, the Istanbul Biennale in 2001, and the Memory Marathon at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 2012, he has been frequently invited to create Public works for cities and museums: in Ghent in Belgium for Smak on the occasion of the Over the Edges exhibition (2000), in Kanazawa in Japan (2002) in collaboration with the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, in Herford in Germany for the MARTa Museum (2003), in Moscow for the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in The context of the Impossible Society exhibition (2011) e In Milan in the Porta Nuova district, commissioned by Hines Italia (2012).

For those born today

In 2019 Alberto Garutti created three large permanent works near Caorle (Venice), after winning an international competition organized by Assicurazioni Generali – Genagricola SpA in 2017, and designing a site-specific work for the new headquarters of Maxxi in L’Aquila. Aim for the trigger Relationships and links between public and private institutions and the social fabric of the city. In this sense, the “Ai nati oggi” tests are oriented, as are the “Tutti i passi” tests that connect perfectly Malpensa Airport and Cadorna Station.

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