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Who Was Ann Perry – The Post

The British crime writer is as famous for her books as for her involvement in the murder of her best friend’s mother

British crime writer Anne Perry she died On April 10 in Los Angeles: He was 84 years old and in the hospital after suffering a heart attack last December. Her books have sold more than 26 million copies worldwide, but Anne Perry is also known for another story: when she was 15 she participated in the murder of her best friend’s mother. It was June 22, 1954 and he was in New Zealand.

Ann Perry’s real name was Juliette Marion Holm. She was born in London on October 28, 1938 and until the age of thirteen she lived between the Caribbean and South Africa where her mother, Hilda Marion Revley Hulme, was a marriage counselor, and her father, British physicist Henry Rainsford Hulme, they had sent in the hope that the warmer temperatures would help her recover from an illness. Tuberculosis, which she contracted when she was eight years old.

In 1952, at the age of 14, Juliet is reunited with her family, this time in Christchurch, New Zealand, where her father has moved to become President of the University College of Canterbury to work. At her new school, Juliette Holm formed a strong friendship with Pauline Parker, who was one year her senior. When the Holm couple separates and Juliet Holm realizes she will have to move to South Africa, she devises a plan with her friend to stay together: kill Parker’s mother.

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Honora Mary Parker, Boleyn’s mother, was murdered in a public park, hit on the head twenty times with half a brick stuck in a stocking. The case, a murder that was also a matricide and which was committed by two young girls likely in a romantic relationship, or so it was believed at the time, was He said a lot From the country’s newspapers and abroad.

The trial was closely followed and it was discovered that the two girls had meticulously planned the murder in an attempt to avoid separation. In some subsequent interviews, Holm denied being romantically involved with her friend, however, admitting that their relationship was of an obsessive nature.

Judgment of Parker and Holm in the Christchurch, New Zealand Press Gazette, August 30, 1954

When they committed the murder, Parker and Hulme were teenagers and had been given a lesser sentence than that prescribed for adults: five years in prison, which they passed in separate prisons. The court also ruled that the two would not meet again. If they disobey the order, they will go back to prison and serve a life sentence.

Once free, Juliet Holm changed her first and last name to Anne Perry, taking the surname of the man her mother had meanwhile married. She left New Zealand and worked for a while as a saleswoman, flight attendant, secretary and insurance broker. He joined the Mormon Church and then moved to a small town in Scotland. As I imagined from school days, I became a writer.

He published his first novel in 1979. It is named Cater Street Switcher (The Hangman from Cater Street), in 1881, in the Victorian era, and was also the first detective story in a long series. He wrote dozens of other books, including a series on amnesiac private investigator William Monk. His recent work features Elena Standish, a spy for MI6 during World War II. In 1998, when times Anne Perry was named to the 100 Masters and Mistresses of Crime, and included in the list along with Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. 2000 his short story Championsset in the trenches of World War I, won the Edgar Allan Poe Award, an American award reserved for the best works of yellow, horror and thriller.

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Ann Perry moved to Los Angeles in 2017. to talk For the murder of her friend’s mother, she always admitted her guilt and apologized, but also said that she was afraid that if she did not go along with the plan, her friend would commit suicide. In the documentary dedicated to Perry, internalFrom 2009, produced in Germany, he talks about the murder of Perry saying: «In the end, who am I? Am I someone who can be trusted? Am I a compassionate, kind, patient, and strong person? He then mentions her other qualities: courage, honesty, and thoughtfulness. “If you’re that kind of person now, if you’ve done something bad in the past, you’ve obviously changed,” adding at the end that what matters is the person you become.

Berry’s story was told in the 1994 movie Heavenly creatures (sky creatures) directed by Peter Jackson, with Kate Winslet playing young Hulme.

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