Mr. Esteve Oka-Aki Bergueda

Mr. Esteve Oka-Aki Bergueda

The Municipal Theater of Berga hosts a show “Oka Mr. Esteveto Santiago Rusiñol and directed by Angel Lasser. It is the result of a process Creativity that can be seen in the Televisió de Catalunya program “La Puntual”the second season of the hit show “The Wolf”.

“Mister Esteve's Pheasant” It is a modernist work, in which all the values ​​of society at that time are reflected. The thematic focus is the confrontation between the artist and society, a problem that the author himself suffers from. Rossignol's message about relations between artist and society is very clear: mutual recognition. On the one hand, the artist (Ramon) must be grateful for the financial support that his social class provides him; and, on the other hand, a critical and conscious recognition of the bourgeoisie (Mr. Esteve) for its lack of a spiritual dimension, but also for its ability to create the material conditions in which art can flourish professionally.

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The Municipal Theater will allow the public a Free playroom service for children from 0 to 12 years old. To use the Service you must Register by January 25th Through email address [email protected] Or to the number 677840303.

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