Letizia from Spain and Rania from Jordan, the kiss between queens – The Daily

Letizia from Spain and Rania from Jordan, the kiss between queens – The Daily

Rania from Jordan She and her husband, Abdullah, flew to Madrid on an official trip. The first date of the Queen of Oman with The joy of Spain. The fateful encounter between the two kings left everyone breathless and enchanted by their kiss.

Jordanian Rania, official trip to Spain

Rania from Jordan She has been the hero of the scenes in recent months, also thanks to the two weddings of her daughter Iman and her son Hussein, the crown prince, with Rajawa, who is on her way to seducing the world as her mother-in-law. The Hashemite Queen is still talked about thanks to this official tour of Madrid where she met Letizia of Spain, who is almost her twin. The similarity between the two Regine has been noticed for a long time, but the style of both is very different.

It was the occasion that brought Rania and Letizia together again (after the coronation of King Charles) in the National Heritage Workshop, Schools and Employment Workshops with which His Majesty the King of Jordan began her Spanish tour that will also take her to Cordoba.

Rania from Jordan and Letizia from Spain, the kiss between queens

Rina was the first to come to the appointment, and she waited for her guest for a few minutes. Once there, Letizia was warmly greeted by Rania A tender kiss exchange on the cheek indicating a high level of trust between the two women who, among other things, embraced each other in official photos. Not to mention the intense exchange of jokes as soon as they saw each other, as if they were good friends. And maybe they are.

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Despite the remarkable intimacy, the two queens appeared at the meeting with two gorgeous but very different looks that perfectly reflected their style. Both of them are considered fashion icons, Rania and Letizia Different tastes even if they are not contradictoryAnd certainly respect the traditions of their country. For example, Reina often wears red, the Spanish color par excellence, and often chooses sleeveless and sometimes very questionable cut-outs, as a sign of her original and courageous taste.

Rania from Jordan, verified by Dior

Rania likes natural colors more even if we see her wearing plums and electric blues, but they are always very deep colors that remind us of her earthy shades. The dresses are ethereal, especially when it comes to representative events, and soft, sometimes maxi sizes, with the exception of Carlo’s coronation outfit, are not entirely successful. Hence, Rania’s accessories are essential and precious, from jewelry belts to personal bags.

Therefore, during her visit to Madrid, the Queen of Jordan chose a black dress with a high neck and long sleeves, decorated at the waist with ornate butterflies. The dress belongs to Resort 2024 collection by Dior, a brand she often wears, even at Iman’s wedding. On the feet, the burgundy and pink striped shoes, by Manolo Blahnik combined with 3Pink Baquette from Fendi.

Spanish Letizia, sleeveless bodycon dress by Diego Estrada

Dona Letizia’s clothes, on the other hand, are a riot of colour. In silk jacquard with red, pink and light blue floral prints, this sleeveless bodycon dress enhances the look muscular arms Della Reina by Diego Estrada. On her feet, the Queen wears fuchsia-colored Carolina Herrera shoes. Very Beautiful Many Stars Diamond Earrings, Made by Gold & Roses, Cost 1,565 euros.

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