Discount for third sector entities

Discount for third sector entities

Today we will see the rules for the installation of solar and photovoltaic systems for third sector entities. Let’s talk about the news about the excellent reward given by the Ayoti Quadruple Decree, the Budget Act and the Chaisi Ordinance

Also for Third sector Have a way to install Solar and photovoltaic systemswhich is among Super reward-driven interventions. In fact, non-profit organizations can also access support social benefitl Volunteering Based on social promotion.

The deductible spending limit is 48,000 euros. This facilitation is also recognized forInstallation of storage systems.

The third sector: Discount for solar and photovoltaic systems


according to Budget Law 2023 It is envisaged that social benefit non-profit organizations, volunteer organizations and social promotion societies can also access support. Interventions that can also be performed in unrelated areas or structures, provided that these interventions are located inwithin the historical centers

The spending limits and conditions to be respected remain those that have already been established and established for other subjects that may have access to the subsidy.

Solar and photovoltaic systems: rules and spending limits


The higher rate is expected to be applied provided the following conditions are met:

  • Systems must be installed with at least one Leadership interventionl Energy efficiency or anti-seismic;
  • Energy that is not self-consumed or not shared for self-consumption must be transferred to the GSE.

The maximum expenditure is 48,000 euros and the maximum nominal power per kW of the system is 2400 euros. The facility is also provided for installation Integrated storage systems. Here, the expected spending limit is 1000 euros per kWh of storage capacity.

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This facility, provided for the installation of piling systems, has also been extended to third sector entities:

  • volunteer organizations;
  • non-profit organizations of social benefit;
  • Social Promotion Associations.

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