“There is no cure for human stupidity” – Corriere.it

“There is no cure for human stupidity” – Corriere.it
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The rapper responded to a hater who accused him of using his stature to heal himself: “I didn’t heal in 3 days. My recovery was played as if it was a mistake.”

Share every moment with followers. He also participated in the disease, a Pancreas cancer which forced him to submit to Accurate intervention last March. Then rehabilitation and that scar that Fidez does not hide. Now the rapper from Rozzano continues to do what he always did, posting photos and videos that tell his daily life. Especially his family. He’s fine, he smiles. And the Someone attacks him, hinting that being a superstar helped him heal faster. A message received by Videz’s wife Chiara Ferragni was immediately shared with the answer. “Hello Kiara,” they write to her. Then the words became more and more controversial, to the point where the singer fell ill: “Even we mere mortals would like to defeat cancer in 3 days, instead of being inColonoscopy was performed for 7 months“.

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Here comes a reply Rapper, bitterness of accusations He used his prestige to beat others and heal faster. “It is not the first time that this ‘activist’ backed by journalists and artists has played on my disease, saying that I will be cured of a malignant tumor in 3 days, as if it was just a joke. Playing on my recovery as if it was a mistake, moreover without knowing it I was emergency surgery Through the national health system like any human personHe then addresses the letter writer directly: “If only you knew the consequences of an intervention with irreversible consequences, you probably wouldn’t joke around to make your desire for social criticism more exciting. I didn’t heal in 3 days. But Sometimes there is no cure for human stupidityHe then apologizes to other followers for outrage: “I think there is a limit to everything – concludes Fedez – I know what I’ve been through and I don’t wish that to anyone. But above all else, I would never allow myself to be mocked or belittled this method. Even if it was to be the richest or the richest on the planet.

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