Reactions to the clash between Luca Onestini and Nikita Pelizon – Big Brother VIP

Reactions to the clash between Luca Onestini and Nikita Pelizon – Big Brother VIP
after discussionAnd the onestini Go to let off steam in the balcony with OrianaAnd the Edward And the Antonella. I’m tired of accusations Nikita. According to him, the girl slandered him several times. He even told him he was busy with someone outside.

But he was always true and honest, and he never took advantage of her and told her he wasn’t interested in her.

“You didn’t like it for meComments Antonella who immediately noticed that Nikita was looking for him. According to the girl, the Trieste model is very jealous of him but doesn’t want to show it. She’s always ethical, but that doesn’t mean she’s always as good as she thinks she is.

for Yaelwas straightforward and linear, but perhaps Nikita saw something more in his attitudes.

Then Onestini explains that the girl’s intentions and constant contradictions annoy him. He really believed that he could have a calm and honest relationship with Nikita, but he was clearly wrong.

He doesn’t like her trying to become a victim, which causes him to pass off as the culprit. Oriana breaks a spear in favor of the girl: it was really bad for him, and he often heard her screams.

The conversation continues and Onestini seems really determined to cut ties with the model. “reciting” He says emphatically, convinced that Nikita is only playing a role.

Nikita also comments on the episode with Incorvassi. From his point of view, the boy was mysterious in his behavior, although he said the opposite in sayings. Knowing that she had feelings for him, she should have curbed her misunderstandings.

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Tavasi He is trying to justify his friend, saying that Nikita should not make a fool of himself because Onestini was clear from the start. If he leaves a glimmer of hope it is because he truly believes in the development of the relationship.

Maybe she played her cards wrong. She was too possessive, scaring him. There was never anything between them, it was too much to force his will on him by showing himself jealous on several occasions.

Unconvinced by Tavasi’s account, Nikita goes to the park and talks to him Daniel. He did not like that the boy made everyone read the letters he had sent him. For the VIPs, there is a clear intention to change reality.

According to Daniel, Onestini’s position does not make any sense. “You never hidshe says, defending her friend. He never hid his feelings, which is why the testimony of letters is completely useless.

Onestini, according to the Venetians, should have been intelligible not only in words, but also in gestures. However, the worst is that he is the one who stops himself from having a good relationship with someone special like Nikita.

In full favor of the model, Danielle just begs her to distance herself from the situation. The truth is plain, he doesn’t want to get to know her, so the best advice he can give her is to enjoy the indoor experience to the fullest, without worrying about Onestini anymore.

In a word, Nikita and Onesinye are really at odds: the initial idyll quickly turns into a stormy one. Of course, it is an unusual way to celebrate Christmas Eve!

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