Signorini comments on the absence of Barbara d’Urso and throws a dig

Signorini comments on the absence of Barbara d’Urso and throws a dig

editorial Alfonso Signorini Between the pages of the latest issue of Chi magazine, you expect me Mediaset tables that were released in these hours, including Exodus Barbara D’Urso who will no longer perform afternoon 5.

Alfonso Signorini talked about Barbara d’Urso and took a look at her

Dear Readers, Dear Readers, How I wish there was a market by phone every single day. The names pour in like poplars in the Po Valley on summer days: Bianca Berlinguer, but also Mirta Merlino, Fabio Fazio, Luciana Letizito, right down to the supporting cast and extras with pretensions as leads.

What about all the office talk that goes on? It’s exhilarating. But what will happen to Philippa Lagerback? Mauro Corona without Bianchina? But is it true that Belen won’t do anything anymore? And how did Insinna take it? But is Bortone promoted on Raitre, or is it parked in an elephant graveyard?

Also space to think about commentators Big Brother VIP:

People turn away and do not distinguish fantasy from reality. Everything is written and everything is reversed. Because fictional TV exists, lives, and fights with us. Emanuele Filiberto and Katia Ricciarelli, in spite of themselves, are also moving the telephony market for commentators. And there are also those who disclose that he has removed himself from the armchair circle, with no one ever offering him to stay there.

Come here Barbara D’Urso:

Then again, Balivo, Blasi, and Annunziata: a new name popping up every hour. But there is one that applies to everyone: Barbara D’Urso. There are those who wonder why she no longer does her afternoon 5, there are those who wonder why someone asks, and there are those who dream of seeing her share coffee and cha-cha-cha-cha on Dancing with the Stars.

and drilling:

And there are those who object that they will never go there, because the ballrooms do not contain megawatts of Colono Monzi.

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