Emiliano Pellisari is a dance journey between physics, science and nature

Emiliano Pellisari is a dance journey between physics, science and nature

The Museum of Nature and Man of the University of Padua is scheduled to open on Friday, June 23, 2023 in the restored Palazzo Cavalli in Padua, and precedes the opening to the public on Saturday, June 24.

Founder of Nogravity Dance Company, a dance company that defies the limits of physics and explores the world of science, Emiliano Bellisari He is the concept art designer and creative director of contents for the Punto Rec Studios proposal that won the European remote tender for the design and creation of multimedia contents and related services for the Museum of Nature and Man of the University of Padua.

The Padua Museum promises to be an explosive fusion of art and science. Fiction combines knowledge to convey scientific concepts in an engaging and accessible manner. It will be an exciting journey through 80 interactive stations, where drama, the language of theater and dance intertwine to create a unique multi-sensory experience. The immersive multimedia installation, equipped with a 360-degree screen, will host Nogravity Dancers who will dance in the infernal darkness of the center of the Earth.

The opening of the museum on June 23 will provide an alternative perspective to popularize science, engaging the public, especially young people, through the universal language of the body. The goal is to create an educational and exciting experience, where the human body becomes the protagonist in a story that embraces Earth’s history and human impact on the ecosystem. The Padua Museum represents a unique opportunity to combine art and science, conveying a message of creativity, innovation and responsibility towards our planet.

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Having long experience in “theatrical craft”, Emiliano Bellisari He conceived and created the NoGravity technique, and began his new artistic career with the exhibition “Daimon Project”, which was shown at the International Art Center in Moscow in 2005. In 2008, he met the talented young dancer Mariana Purcido, who is now the company’s choreographer and life partner. . Together they traveled the world: from Italy to France, Spain, Poland, Russia, China, South America and the Middle East. With such works as “Divina Commedia”, “Aria”, “Comix” and “Leonardo”. Pellisari transforms theater into a place of wonder, uniting art and mechanics in timeless beauty.

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