Let the Valentine’s Day surprises begin! – Big Brother VIP

Let the Valentine’s Day surprises begin!  – Big Brother VIP

Self Alexander And Sufi They can celebrate Valentine’s Day together, the other tenants of the house are forced to live apart from their loved ones on the day the lovers are celebrated.

To make this day even happier for them too, Big Brother has unexpected surprises waiting for them that was announced before Jessica And lulu:

“Fibone, Valentine’s Day begins at Casa del GF…Now! The first love surprises from your loved ones have arrived from here…Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!”

Sitting on the sofas, VIPs are anxiously waiting to see who will be the lucky ones to receive a love letter from the person they love. The first video message from Lilo, a friend David. “The look of my soul points to your horizon, your heart so pure and noble is what made me fall madly in love with you”: These are just a few beautiful words directed to the actor who – with eyes full of joy – thanks his girlfriend by declaring all his love for her.

For Mirjana, the dedication to music comes from Biagio Who dedicated the song that became the soundtrack to their acquaintance: “ugly”.

“I miss you, be strong and keep dancing!”: wife big Don’t miss a touching message for him, too: “What I love and about you is that despite everything you have endured in life, in love you never gave up. If I could live my life over again, I would live it with you over and over again”.

Last but not least it is Jukas He receives greetings from his partner on the occasion of Happy Valentine’s Day valeria Which, with its exuberance, dedicates to him a song with impeccable performance.

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Not everyone has received the idea they expected but Valentine’s Day has just begun, and Big Brother, you know, always keeps unexpected surprises…

There was still a surprise for David: In addition to the video message, Lilì prepared a box full of gifts for him to celebrate their love. The actor leaves the confession and immediately shows the gifts he received.

Inside a box, the VIP found a letter, kept inside one of his beer bottles with their best picture and a picture of their dog on it.

All the women on the balcony happily look at the gifts the actor received and hope that some surprises like these are on their way too.

Mirjana thought that musical devotion was the only idea Biagio dedicated to her but she was wrong! In a confession, the important person received a love letter from the columnist but the columnist’s writing, not easy to explain, gets in the way of reading!

Mirjana asks Manila to help her decipher Biagio’s words: “It’s hard for me to say these words to you without being able to look into your eyes, feel your energy, hold you in my arms and bite you” read the previous Miss Italy.

“He who touches me is as if he is touching me.” He continues to write Biagio, completely determined to defend his love for Mirjana: “Do you know that I was not defended in this way?” Mirjana commented, happy that she had finally found a man willing to give her what she had never received before.

Valentine’s Day has just begun… what other surprises await our VIPs?

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