Sixty thousand in Mestre for penguins, a show in San Giuliano Park

Sixty thousand in Mestre for penguins, a show in San Giuliano Park

The first cars reached the city at 6 am. Then, throughout the day, young adults, adults and families flocked to Mestre for the tactical Nuclear Penguins display in San Giuliano Park. The concert, announced last November, marks the return of major events to Meester Park. Tickets sold out instantly and on the evening of July 7, with all sales sold out, 60,000 spectators attended the band’s performance. It is the zero date for the Penguins’ tour in Sanremo Stadium, which, after its participation in San Remo 2020, where it finished third with the song “Ringo Star”, witnessed a real explosion, becoming an Italian popular phenomenon.

All available parking spaces in town are sold out by reservation. The Municipality of Venice, in collaboration with Vela and Avm, has identified eight public car parks, for a total of around 7,000 parking spaces. In addition, free (non-reservable) car parks were available in the suburban belt of Mestre and Marghera, connected by shuttle buses, and those in the paid structures, Costa and Candiani. Other links with Venice were activated, by water, between San Giuliano and Fondamente Novi. Starting at noon, local police patrols gradually closed it to traffic via Forte Marghera and viale San Marco, in the stretches between San Giuliano and the junctions with viale Sansovino, and then via Vespucci. Meanwhile, groups of children, already in the morning, are starting to approach the concert area on foot.

Organize at full capacity for an unforgettable show. In recent days, penguins have been contributing to the wait, posting videos of inspections and updates at the parks across social media. The date in Mestre is a particularly important date because it marks the beginning of a tour with impressive numbers: in the summer months, until September 9, the band will take part in ten more dates in stadiums, from Milan to Rome to Bari, and half of these tickets are already sold out. Next stop is July 11th and 12th at the San Siro, where the date has been doubled after tickets for the premiere sold out within 24 hours.

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