October 4, 2022

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Eurovision, Laura Pausini disappears from the stage for half an hour: this is what happened

“I wanted to reassure you and tell you I’m fine. During the final I had low blood pressure and that’s why I had to stop for about twenty minutes on the advice of the doctors who helped me and whom I thank very much. The last six months have been loaded from work and given in to tension… But I am happy to close the evening with my beloved travel buddies @alecattelan and mikainstagram and be able to announce with them the winners of @Eurovision, Wonderful Ukraine. ”

The absence of the Romanian singer during the vote count worried fans and insiders. Also because at a certain time, the picture he showed on social media started shooting

His name is on “Hunchback”

(the screen where the live text was written), which is not on stage:

About half an hour later, when national jury vote counting was already at a good point, Pausini reappeared with his fellow conductors after returning from an ad break:

“Sorry guys – he said smiling – so much emotion”

. Finally the explanatory post on Instagram, in which she greets and thanks the medical team who helped her during her hypotension.

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