TNC premieres a play about the hell that Ana Mladic lives through

TNC premieres a play about the hell that Ana Mladic lives through

TNC premieres a play about the hell that Ana Mladic lives throughstudioioano/tnc

he National Theater of Catalonia The play will be shown from January 18 to February 11 The girl from the eastOrientation Written by Father Norbert MartinezAnd with Salentina Tattles Perez In the arrangement, the montage revolves around the hell experienced by Anna Mladic, who committed suicide after learning of the murder of her father, Serbian General Ratko Mladic.

The work is inspired by a book of the same title by the writer Writer Clara Ossondeals with the need to open our eyes to wars and violence, with the history of the Balkans, for which General Mladic was responsible From the Srebrenica genocide (with about 8,000 dead), as a starting point.

Anna has a great future ahead of her because she is the top student in Belgrade's medical class and the apple of her father's eye, General Ratko Mladic, whom she adores.

One night in Moscow, when I was only 23 years old, Anna takes the gun Her father's favorite and makes a decision that will mark her family's life forever and gives a familiar, real and close dimension to the terrible drama of the Balkan War.

Under the supervision of Norbert Martinez. The girl from the east They will be installed in Sala Tallers performed by Gemma Breu, Roger Julia, Josep Julian, Mar Orfila, Tuttles Pérez and Jordi Rico.

“In the past 50 years, Europe has been involved in armed conflicts, in peace treaties, in secret trade agreements, sold weapons, witnessed genocides and crimes against humanity. All of this happened behind our backs or in front of our noses.” Martinez said this morning in his presentation to the assembly.

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The director of the play confirmed that “the unfortunate story of… Yugoslavia “It is not strange to us at all, as we see it every day in the media.”

“The history of the Balkans speaks for itself and makes us sound the alarm that we should not ignore today,” adds director Min Anoi.

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