Bracco, Italy fights stereotypes and invests in potential women

Milan on February 11. (Greetings Adnkronos) – “No country can do without the contribution of women. This is why we must invest in every area in the potential of women, and commit ourselves to combating all kinds of conditioning and discrimination. Everyone must also commit to fighting stereotypes, especially in Italy where cultural resistance is more rooted: in society, in companies and in families In fact, equal opportunities and rights must be achieved at the same time in different areas: from education to training, from employment to support for entrepreneurship, from credit to women to the budget between family and work commitments, perhaps with the help of corporate diversity policies and corporate sponsorship programs.” The call was launched by Diana Bracco, an entrepreneur who has held and held various positions at the top of the industry over the years and has become a “champion” in women’s empowerment.

Even today, he warns that every woman who succeeds in fulfilling herself, many give up, crushed by difficulties. Her words opened the conference “Women: Engine for Progress”, organized today by the Committee of Gynecological Radiologist in SERM, in collaboration with the Bracco Foundation, on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. For the occasion, he was also chosen to present research done in radiology, which tells us about the bumpy path that pink coats often have to face to emerge.

Bracco notes that “female participation in the world of scientific and technical professions, as survey data shows, continues to be severely hampered by gender bias and stereotypes.” Even if “women and science are a winning combination”.

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According to the President of the Bracco Foundation, it is necessary to “strengthen the expertise of women in their scientific and technological activities, help young women to pursue their practical and scientific careers, and support their growth, so that there is no talent in the scientific-technological field.” The field is lost.” “A battle that is also very close to my heart — and he concludes — and that this year I have fought not only as Chair of the Bracco Foundation but also as an Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment for the B20, the task force that has strongly recommended to all G20 governments working to bring back a growing number of women.” into the labor market, breaking down cultural barriers in accessing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) training for girls, and achieving gender equality in important positions.”

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