Roberto Farnese, was with her to the end: last wish before death | Unbearable drama

Roberto Farnese, was with her to the end: last wish before death |  Unbearable drama
Roberto Farnese –

Roberto Farnese is going through a very tragic period because of the sudden loss. This is what happened to the actor

Roberto Farnese He became a father at the age of 52 And she can count on the love of Lucia Belcastro, with whom things seem to be going smoothly.

Mostly on social networks He shares moments from his daily life With his partner and daughter Mia.

Even on a professional level, he feels a great deal of satisfaction that he will be back in football during the next season Acting in the successful Rai novel, Il paradiso delle Signore. Moreover, it seems that the actor has other contracts in the works as well.

However, something happened that suddenly turned the actor’s life upside down. actually, Roberto Farnese is seriously in mourning. Here is the dramatic moment the actor experienced…

The mourning experienced by the actor

Roberto Farnese live A really dramatic moment from his life because of a severe bereavement that befell him. In fact, on July 18 of last year, His mother, Maria Angela, died. The actor was very attached to the woman and could not quickly get over the pain. A few weeks after the accident, he said, “He knew I would really feel his loss.” The affection of his loved ones was essential for him not to fall to the ground. In particular, his daughter Mia helped ease his suffering by just being around.

The two were actually very close which made everything even more complicated. After a period of absence in which he preferred to feel his pain in loneliness and healing, he decided to give an interview to the weekly newspaper Nuovo during which he said: “Losing a parent is a huge painBut now I’m back at work and life goes on.” She said of her daughter, Mia, who she had with Lucia Belcastro: “It gives me strength to move forward: it’s pure energy, it’s new life, it’s masterpiece. Since its birth, it has revolutionized my existence and So far he has managed to make me smile“.

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Roberto Farnese –

The touching story of the actor

Despite the great pain of the mother’s death, The actor sighed Because at least the woman recognized her niece before she ran away.

Robert said:That is why he left me in peace. We had a very close relationship and my mom knew how much I attached to her in a special way. Just as he knew I would really feel his loss: She worried about me to the very end. I am relieved that we four children stayed with her, to the end, in her home, just as she had wished.”

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