League, Washington scene. Johnny’s shares between Russia and China

From the Chinese military threat in the Pacific to the powder keg with Russia in the east to Turkey’s (non-European) ambitions. Marco Zanni, president of Identità e Democrazia and Lega Nord MEP, unveiled the league’s overseas agenda. And about America ..

The dialogue with the United States is not unique within the framework of the Atlantic Alliance, but is an integral part of the effective exchange of experiences, views, knowledge and plans that Lega has had structurally over the years. No matter who is in power in Rome, Brussels and Washington, the IT team knows no hindrance.

We share with the United States many points of view of the global geopolitical and economic perspective, which is why both sides of the Atlantic need closer and more regular conflict over time, and what is happening in Poland, Ukraine and Indo. Peace, where the Chinese threat has reached a dangerous level.

In recent weeks, the western part of NATO has been the subject of political dialogue and daily analysis, and I have had the opportunity to deepen the theme of Atlantic cooperation and the current and future challenges awaiting the United States, Europe and Italy. , At the event of the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum, in an interesting collaborative effort involving experts and members of parliament from around the world on security and security issues, its founder, The. Congressman Robert Pittinger.

When I spoke to Congress, the State Department, and key figures I think thank you Abroad, the Atlantic Alliance has always been an indispensable and indispensable tool for the League, and as a result of successful cooperation it is becoming even more decisive today in its potential evolution and coordination with increased efforts at the European level. In the field of defense and security, any US administration has been calling for some time.

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Today’s crisis on NATO’s eastern border, with Russian threats to Poland and Ukraine, was the topic of discussion with colleagues abroad. The crisis in Poland is not just another chapter in the friction between Warsaw and Moscow, it is clear to everyone that it is a crisis. Lime The eastern part of NATO is completely comparable to the Mediterranean region; NATO borders are largely aligned with EU borders and the hybrid war unleashed by the Belarusian regime using immigrants is nothing more than a photocopy of various Libyan militias and similar actions repeatedly planned by the Erdogan regime.

In the face of these threats, and with decisive clarification with the Turkish partner, I saw the strong coordination of NATO’s intention to increase its commitment, not only on the eastern border, but also on its ability to sustain intervention. All neighborhoods where the activity of anti-democratic regimes threatens the stability of allied countries such as the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Sahel.

I emphasized that any European defense program could not be an alternative or a competitor to the Alliance, but rather a complementary tool for European nations to contribute to these new objectives and provide greater evidence of the effectiveness of NATO interventions. On the Mediterranean front, it is not of secondary importance to ensure that there is even hope in the United States that more and more North African partners, such as Morocco, will be involved in NATO stabilization operations.

During the meetings, I fully shared the US warning of China’s military / paramilitary expansion efforts in Central Asia, threatening independent countries such as Taiwan and India and the Indo-Pacific region in general. It is good to remember that without Lego’s pressure and work on the government, the Chinese acquisition of key Italian assets that would have been protected instead would have passed peacefully.

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From here the talks focused on the Indo-Pacific region, with the United States gradually shifting its focus. Analyzing the misunderstandings caused by the Aukus affair, the irritability of Paris and the failed coordination in the exit from Afghanistan, I fully share the plight of ASEAN countries and Australia experiencing all kinds of pressure and threats from Beijing.

That is why I stressed the need for Europe to strongly support initiatives such as the Quad and Axis, although I reiterate that we believe that the most effective contribution on our part can be used more in the Mediterranean than in the Indian Ocean. We must play a key role in stabilizing North Africa, pacifying the Sahel, stopping the waves of immigration unleashed by jihadists and human traffickers, and, in fact, controlling the Chinese colonization of Africa through the debt trap and blocking ports in the Mediterranean. Our sea Will eventually become part of the infamous “pearl necklace” of communist rule.

Turkey has been at the center of interesting discussions on subtle issues related to the geopolitical chess of the Mediterranean. One subtle thing is that the country formally belongs to NATO, but under Erdogan’s support it has repeatedly challenged and provoked allied countries, including Italy, which often goes hand in hand with the Russians. We have no prejudices, but it is clear that Ankara’s actions are unacceptable from all angles, and because of the positions taken by Erdogan in recent years, we must ensure that Turkey is not considered a NATO partner and is an openly unacceptable candidate. For the EU, more today than ever before.

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The league has been saying this out loud for some time, and is reiterating it today more than ever: Turkey does not, never Europe. The continuing provocations to Greece, Italy and Israel, the vague behavior in Libya, Syria and Azerbaijan, and the use of immigrants as a tool to threaten the EU, reinforce incompatibility with the EU and its allies. The exclusion of Ankara from the Democrats convened by Fiden confirms the general consensus between the United States and Italy on this issue, which I fully met in Congress.

The balance of these four days in Washington DC was positive, as it not only allowed the League’s strong and inseparable Atlantic position to be further emphasized, but also allowed it to pay close attention not only to the dynamics of the United States, but also to the way in which thinking and acting in foreign political contexts was very different from ours, and therefore often misunderstood, especially by European institutions. Level.

Today, confronting the proliferation of external threats and the evolution of the tools used by regimes to undermine the very foundations of Western democracy is fundamental to the understanding of all political powers and all European nations that our borders are our security. Prosperity can only be guaranteed by the greater commitment and credibility of this front by European partners in terms of strengthening the Atlantic link and sharing investments and geopolitical objectives.

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