Meghan Markle, from Duchess to President of the United States

Meghan Markle, from Duchess to President of the United States

M.Egan Markle Getting ready for a walk around Washington. He said this while talking with activist Gloria Steinem at one of them A widely reported conversation in the media. The two women, who faced equal rights and politics, commented on the recent ruling by the House of Representatives US Supreme Court Regarding abortion. The above “trip to Washington” will put pressure in the country’s political heart to agree to an equal rights amendment. But most people don’t miss it deep meaning From this statement: Meghan Markle really is He intends to get into politics, and who knows, become President of the United States.

Russell Myers, an expert on the royal family, is convinced that from now on we will see Meghan Markle Increasingly involved in political campaigns. Journalist Dan Wootton on daily Mail He recalled the trust one of the Duchess’ closest collaborators had in 2019, when relations with Buckingham Palace were increasingly strained: “I think there’s something else underneath. Perhaps the intention to enter politics in the United States. I think the royal family is just a starting point for something he considers more interesting and important.”

According to the insider, former actress Meghan Markle will turn into a Duchess a few years from now He imagines himself among the most important American political figures. In fact, he will probably be the first woman to hold the presidency of the United States.

Since leaving Britain, she has been involved in some political activities, for example Paid leave and women’s rights in the workplace. The latest talk about the US Supreme Court ruling sounds more eloquent and what seemed unlikely just two years ago (mean Markle’s nomination in the US Democratic Party) today. It seems very reasonable.

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Just words look like green light Valerie Biden OwensThe sister of the current president who is in the broadcast Good morning Britain The Duchess’ political aspirations were judged “achievable”:Of course, his candidacy for the presidency is possible. It’s great that there are women in politics. The more there are, the better the democracy works. Meghan Markle is welcome and we invite her to join the Democratic PartyThere can be nothing to be said just to say: Valerie Biden Owens is a great politicianHe had no minor role in his brother’s last election campaign and was crucial in 2008 when Obama chose him for Vice President.

With the image of Biden and Democrats somewhat distorted in public opinion, against Trump who could return with full honor, rather than Kamala Harris who made many slips, It seems that Meghan Markle is more than just a consumer name for the upcoming election campaigns And a great personality in the 2028 presidential election. Today it was said that it sounds like a big sum, but at first even the name Donald Trump sounded like a joke.

Provided that there is no impediment to the candidacy in the meantimeThe Duchess of Sussex will be ready For swipes that can be allocated to an election campaign? Some danger looms, for example The case of domineering collaborators: Who guarantees that they will not exist sooner or later embarrassing verses? Other observers are focusing attention on Meghan Markle’s private life, in particular on First husband, Trevor Engelsonwho has always kept a low profile since their divorce in 2013. But you know it The media knows how to be very good at telling them even what they shouldn’t say.

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