Dana, is about to arrive in Catalonia with strong storms and hail

Dana, is about to arrive in Catalonia with strong storms and hail

And severe weather change Almost arriving Catalonia. a Dana We will leave Rain and severe storms Which, locally, will be accompanied Calamarasa or stone. Be careful, because in many provinces, more than twenty liters per square meter can fall in just half an hour. The last weekend of June will begin with a radical change in the weather scene. temporary Will do The first days of July In Catalonia? Will it rain and be a little warm or vice versa? Alfred Rodriguez Pico and Xavi Freix They explain this to you video:

Drastic change in weather across Catalonia

this Friday Fara The sun is very hot with Saharan dust On hold at all CataloniaMaximum temperatures will range between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius in most towns and cities, after a Tropical night and insomniaStarting in the afternoon and especially in the last hour, there will be short periods of cloudiness. Pay attention during Night and morning from Friday to Saturday Because of Rainfall They will gain ground as the hours pass. First, rain will fall in the south, and from 6 or 7 a.m. the rain will spread quickly over most parts of the country. the Storms They may be Particularly strong in Terres de l’Ebre, Camp de Tarragona, Segrià, Garrigues, Urgell, Pla d’Urgell, Anoia, Alt Penedès and Grave. In some cases, more than twenty liters fall per square meter in just half an hour. Warning because it may accompany thunderstorms Calamarasa or stone. this Saturday morning it will rain too In many other provinces, when the rains start, we will notice a sharp drop in temperatures. At noon there will be no rain in the areas of Tarragona or in Plan de Lleida Where large spaces will open up quickly. Barcelona and Girona Rain and thunderstorms will continue until early afternoon. The areas that will receive less rainfall will be the northern Costa de Barcelona and Costa Brava. Sunday In the morning, we will have several periods of sunshine but clouds will quickly develop which will depart from noon and through the afternoon Irregular rain showers and storms And of a more isolated nature, especially in the Pyrenees, the Pre-Pyrenees, Central Catalonia, the Pre-Coast and Terres de l’Ebre. Locally it will be very strong and there may also be cold. Extremely tolerable heat For this time of year.

July will start with rain, storms and possible heat

The first week of the month July You will start with Instability And the temperature, fortunately, will not be more than moderate. Monday In the morning it will be sunny, but by noon, It will rain in the areas of Barcelona, ​​Girona and the Pyrenees. Local storms will also be very strong and may be accompanied by… Calamarasa or stone. ElNacional.cat It updates the weather forecast daily, around 7 p.m.

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