Brazil, Bolsonaro flies to the United States two days before his term ends: he will give up extradition with Lula

Brazil, Bolsonaro flies to the United States two days before his term ends: he will give up extradition with Lula

Jair Bolsonaro He decided he didn’t want to see his downfall. After serving for four years as president of the association Brazil Having asked the citizens to install him at the head of the country, he nevertheless lost in the last elections, the Brazilian head of state left the country 48 hours after his term expires. will not be present, therefore, in peace With Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Who will become the new president of the South American country from January 1.

from the presidential residence Alvorada PalaceBolsonaro was taken by car to the Air Force base where he took off on one of the presidential planes, local media reported, bound for United State. Some of his aides, as we read in some Brazilian newspapers, were allowed to accompany him on the journey flValid for the entire month of January. Not a short trip, therefore, but a stay that could last for weeks. It is not clear what were the reasons behind the Brazilian right-wing leader’s decision and the presidency declined to provide further explanations after requests from local reporters. What is certain is that since his electoral defeat at the end of October, they have become so Bolsonaro’s public appearances are very rare who only greeted his followers today with a video message.

Thus ends a mandate that has been marked by many criticisms, especially with regard to managing the epidemic Corona Virus In the country, allegations of targeted and informed use misinformation And for Brasilia’s attitude towards The indigenous people of the Amazon. Choices that also cost Bolsonaro investigations at different levels. in December 2021 Federal Supreme Court An investigation was opened against him Serum against covid promotes the spread of AIDS And about alleged links between him and a hate group that spread fake news about vaccines and called for a Military coup in Brazil. A few months ago, the Commission of Inquiry of the Brazilian Congress requested that he be tried “crimes against humanity” in the context of epidemic management. Finally, just 15 days ago, Bolsonaro and his candidate for vice general Walter Souza Braga NetoThey find that they are being interrogated Abuse of economic power for expecting support to increase in the months leading up to the election Brazil help And other assistance to the poorest families such as Gas bonus. Decisions considered an attempt to influence the vote in the recent presidential elections.

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