He was selling a kit to contract with Covid online for 33 euros – Europe

He would offer online, for €33, a “kit to catch” with Covid and then be able to get, once he’s recovered, the green lane without the need for vaccination. Dutch media reported this, citing the police.
The Dutch Finance Ministry’s anti-fraud department said the man, who was arrested, then released pending investigation, provided vials containing the “alleged coronavirus” online.

The proposed kit, in addition to the vial that promised to contain the virus, “including variants,” also included a home test for Covid.

A department spokesperson told Dutch news agency ANP that the suspect has been released in the meantime: “Further investigations are needed to see if he actually managed to sell something” but if the case proves it would be a “reprehensible threat… to public health.” . The site, where the bottles were advertised, was immediately removed from the network.

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