Shock video of the worker sitting on the victim’s back

Shock video of the worker sitting on the victim’s back

a agent shoots and kills a African Americans While the earth. new video shock The controversy over the excessive use of force by the police has flared up once again. The accident occurred on April 4 in Grand Rapids, in MichiganBut the police just released the footage.

An American agent presses his knee on the neck of a 12-year-old African American after a school fight

The images, taken by several cameras, show 26-year-old Patrick Loyola on the ground and a white policeman chasing him with his leg on his back. The two collide over the detonator that the agent had extracted. The policeman was heard shouting “Leave him.” “Leave the detonator,” the officer repeats, before he draws his pistol and shoots the 26-year-old in the head. The boy was stopped for a roadside search. “During the fight, the agent shot. He will be treated like everyone else,” Police Chief Eric Weinstrom said, without revealing the agent’s name. “If he is indicted, we will reveal his name.” The video broadcast was preceded by a demonstration in front of the police station. Police Hundreds of people took to the streets to demand justice to sing Loyola’s “Black Lives Matter” and “No justice, no peace.” In recent days, Winstorm met the Loyola family, who moved to the United States from the Congo in 2014.

horrific pictures

In the face of the shocking images shown to him before they were made public, Loyola’s father remained frozen “almost unconscious” in front of his son “laying on the ground and on top of him an officer pulled out his weapon as he escorted the boy’s father to the police,” said Reverend Israel Seko, who escorted the boy’s father to the police. . The family commented: “It was an execution.” “We are reminded once again how quickly interacting with the police can be fatal to an African American in the United States,” civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, the attorney who handled the George Floyd case, says of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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