Le Verragni Celebration, watch Francesca’s baby

Le Verragni Celebration, watch Francesca’s baby

Party on the Milan farm of the three sisters with friends and relatives

They thought they were taking part in a social event and instead when they got to the farm,

Francesca and Ricky discover the surprise

. There is Valentina and Luca Vizel, Chiara with little Leon, mother Marina DiGuardo, father Marco Ferragni, Ricciardo’s relatives, friends of the spouses. They each prepared a special dedication to the unborn child: Chiara is touched as she reads her thoughts to her sister, while Ricky breaks down in tears at Grandma Rosa’s words.

There’s also room for laughter there

Measure the circumference of the baby bump

Bet on the size of the belly. Candy and themed balloons enrich the location, making it magical through lights and

Romantic atmosphere

. The countdown begins and Francesca proudly shows off her mom’s curves nearly wrapped in a fuchsia dress, while Ricky isn’t in the skin and can’t wait to hug her baby Nicoletti.

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