Un Posto al Sole July 18, 2022 Predictions: Will Eugenio Succeed?

Un Posto al Sole July 18, 2022 Predictions: Will Eugenio Succeed?

The predictions for the episode Un Posto al Sole that aired on July 18, 2022 on Rai 3 reveal that Nicotera is about to face a rather difficult challenge. On the other hand, Boschi is about to have a serious showdown. Meanwhile, Martinelli is impatient to make Ferry and Giordano pay for it!

In the’episode From place in the sun From Monday 18 July 2022And the Eugene Ready to annihilate the Silver Clan. Will he really be able, this time? In the meantime, to help AmbassadorAnd the Franco You are about to get into big trouble. larraInstead, he plans to take revenge on him Roberto And the MarinaOn the other hand, they plan their future… But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail progress subordinate bet who will broadcast the day after tomorrow in 20:45 on me Rai 3.

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Eugenio is being played in full, in the July 18th episode predictions

Eugenio feels that he has reached a turning point. thanks for the Information provided by President Mariano TrigaraThe upright judge is the initiation A complicated police act to finally be able to destroy the Silver Clan. The Nicotera He could no longer afford to fail, and he was sure that he would not fail this time. feelings Viola’s husband Will it turn out to be true or false?

Forecast for Place in the Sun: Franco in Trouble for Nunzio!

Franco does not agree at all with the decision made by Nunzio and ChiaraWho packed their bags and they are now ready to flee. according to Little Bianca’s fatherIn fact, Camarota and Petroni are about to make a huge mistake, which could cost him dearly. but, the woodsfearing that Judson might get into more serious trouble, relying on some thug, He agrees to provide him with false documents. The project, however, will lead the man to A rather dangerous confrontation

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Lara must get revenge, in previews for the July 18 episode

Lara has just come home from her trip to Procida with Roberto… and Marina. The two of them accidentally bumped into the coach, and it seemed he wasn’t expecting anything else. The ironsin fact, jumped at the chance encounter of Approaching Giordano e Once again he declares all his love to her. full of anger, The blonde, who pretends to be pregnant, devises a plan for revenge Against lovers who, on the other hand, plan their future together …

place in the sunthe long-lived Naples series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday in 20:45 on me Rai 3.

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