Mondadori Scienza together with Stile Italia: ‘No cuts’

Mondadori Scienza together with Stile Italia: ‘No cuts’

Mondadori Scienza journalists enter the field along with their colleagues from Stile Italia Edizioni after the owners chose to lay off sixteen reporters and three polygraphs. Workers of the weekly TuStyle, Confidenze, Sale e Pepe, Cucina Moderna and Starbene have announced in recent days a general mobilization and Strike against the decisions of publisher Maurizio Bilpitro. Now comes solidarity from colleagues on the editorial board and trustees of the Mondadori Scienza.

In a document, journalists of the scientific weekly journals of the publishing group “Mondadori” expressed their solidarity and closeness to their colleagues who have moved to Stile Italia Edizioni. “The union representation of Mondadori Scienza – the editorial committee and the secretaries wrote in the memo – engages their colleagues in the protest action and strongly condemns the conduct of the company, which in two months of negotiations rejected proposals such as resorting to social media safety nets, while proposing unacceptable solutions, such as hiring outsourcing of figurative work, as opposed to the provisions of the press collective agreement, or salary cuts.”

The announcement of the strike arrived in Stile Italia Edizioni last week, starting the protest last Wednesday. “Journalists and journalists of Tustyle, Sale & Pepe, Cucina Moderna, Confidenze and Starbene, publications of the Stileitalia edizioni company headed by Maurizio Belpietro, have called for a 5-day strike starting today, Wednesday, May 18, to protest the mass gathering. 19 colleagues have been dismissed.”

Things aren’t great either Mondadori Senza, threatened by the ax of cuts and layoffs. “During six weeks of negotiations, CDR and trade union representatives put on the board a set of tangible, feasible proposals to allow the company to cut costs without cutting jobs, while journalists continued to act responsibly even with the prospect of being fired. Despite this, Mondadori declined to discuss our proposals. Thus, in a note, the representative body outlined the reasons that precipitated the situation. “An incomprehensible and irresponsible closing position at such a difficult historical moment.” “.

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