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Although vaccinated, Roberto Lipari Not only did he eat Covid, he was in the hospital. conductor stripping news He saw it in the dark for several days, during which small positive thoughts appeared in his mind. Who knows how his story would have ended if he had not been vaccinated, given that thanks to the doses he did not contract a dangerous disease that required intensive treatment and could lead to death.

“I am writing to you today only because I am better and I am sure of it The worst is behind us”, was the hypothesis of Lipari, who published a photo taken in the hospital. He added: “I will not go into details – but yes, I am confident. no, I am not without symptoms. I’m going to spend Christmas in quarantine… while in my head a thousand things have gone by these days. But I save you the most pessimistic and tell you the only thought that seems right to share: How many times have you joked about the boredom of birthdays, the relatives you never see because you don’t know who they are, from the recycled gifts, and sweaters with diamonds, the tombola. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to miss all of this when I’m in quarantine.”

“And it makes me think – continued Lipari – of all those people who would be spending Christmas alone and even in worse circumstances. So what I want to tell you is: Enjoy every moment of these days as many of you as possible. These are the best wishes I can send to you.” .

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