June 2, 2023

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Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (May 24, 2022)

Generali Declines: Leone di Trieste has announced that it has completed the purchase of 1,5604,182 shares of Cattolica Assicurazioni. Strong swings on Saipem

intonation Denial For the main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and for the main European financial markets.

It’s 11.50 FTSEMib It recorded a decline of 0.77% to 23,950 points, after it fluctuated between a minimum of 23,797 points and a maximum of 23,983 points. At the same time FTSE Italia all participated It decreased by 0.75%. Also minus sign for FTSE Italia medium hat (-0.63%) for The star of FTSE Italia (-1.18%).

The Bitcoin It’s still just under $29,500 (just over €27,500).

The BTP-Bund spread It dropped to 200 points.

L ‘euro Confirmed over $1.07.

under public (-1.09% up to 17.24 euros). Il Leone di Trieste announces that it has completed the purchase of 1,5604,182 common shares of Cattolica Asicurazione (+ 7.18% to € 6.72), equivalent to 6.834% of the capital, through an accelerated reverse registry-building procedure, aimed exclusively at qualified investors in Italy and foreign institutional investors. The purchase price is equal to €6.75 per share, which includes a premium to the closing price of the ordinary Cattolica Assicurazioni share as on May 23, 2022 equal to approximately 7.7%, with a total expenditure of €105,33 million.

Nervous sitting on banking sector stocksAfter the excellent performances recorded the day before.

UniCredit It confirms itself in the positive territory (+0.83% to €10,446).

Strong high volatility Saipem (-0.43% to €5.387), after the sharp rise recorded in the previous session. The stock fluctuated between a minimum of 5.16 euros and a maximum of 5.394 euros.

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