Lancia Delta HF Integrale: buying guide

Lancia Delta HF Integrale: buying guide

The price of success – Far from any science, far from any automotive dogma, it is loved and respected by all, because degrees Queen of parades He won it on the field. The protagonist of a season of memorable successes between the 1980s and 1990s, he was Lancia Delta HF Integral It is one of the most successful cars in the history of motorsports and is surrounded by an aura of legend Which, over time, also ended up making the road releases legendary. Which has always been highly appreciated by lovers of fine driving for its safe and engaging behavior on all surfaces, ensured by the winning combination of the turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive, today appears at amazing prices in the vintage and collectible car market. The result is the Lancia Delta HF Integrale car for a few, garnering an increasingly affluent audience for itself, but sometimes not “prepared” enough to handle all that entails owning such a special and unique vehicle. So this is short Buying guidededicated primarily to those who “DeltonaThey are thinking of buying it, but also for all those who are very passionate about this model but do not fully understand its strengths and weaknesses.

8V, 16V or “evolution”: that’s the catch – the Lancia Delta HF Integral debut at the beginning 1988 (in the photo above) as a natural sporty evolution of the 1986 HF 4WD version, the first Delta equipped with all-wheel drive. From the car from which it was derived, it inherits the 2.0 turbocharged eight-cylinder head petrol engine, which benefits from a power increase from 165 to 185 hp. At the end of the following year, a release powered by a Sixteen valves who saves 200 hp: identifiable at a glance Round front hood, a detail that many, at the time, also installed on their later 8v to give it the same look as its more “muscular” sister. In the 1991 It’s Lancia Delta HF Integrale’s turndevelopmentKnown to fans as:DeltonaUnder the increased chassis, it retains the same 16-volt engine, increasing to 205 hp. The Evo2, which debuted in 1993, has five more horses, for a total of 210. Which one to choose? As we’ll see in the last paragraph devoted to quotes, it is, first of all, a matter of a portfolio. But it must now be emphasized that the less expensive 8v and 16v can in no way be considered a backup option: in fact, they offer performances that are not too far behind in almost all driving conditions than those of the more popular “Evo”.

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It may crack at some points – Having provided this brief overview of the various versions of Lancia Delta HF Integral, let’s analyze the most important characteristics, of course, with a view to a potential purchase. The first thing to check is the coincidence: It certainly doesn’t shine in terms of stiffness, nor is it beefed up like the racing versions, it tends to get worn out at points by the stresses typical of sporty driving. The areas to be carefully examined to make sure there are no cracks or cracks cracks, is mainly the connection between the A-pillar and the roof, the front domes and the corners at the base of the windshield. Here also can lurk there Rusta problem that can also sometimes affect the connection between the tailgate and the roof (it’s best to lift the rubber gasket to make sure everything is completely dry), lower parts From the front doors and inside the rear wheel arches. Also watch out for non-native settings: a stiffer frame puts the chassis more to the test. Finally, also check the wear of the tires: if they are not uniform, the car may have suffered a heavy blow and was not properly straightened.

Beware of distribution – After analyzing the bodywork and saying that the passenger compartment, which is built from durable materials and built to last over time, shouldn’t book any nasty surprises, let’s move on to everything that needs checking under the hood. the engine from Lancia Delta HF Integral It’s sturdy, but it requires careful and careful maintenance to stay in perfect working order. An indicator of good health, just beginning, isabsence of creaking and generally suspicious noises, while when hot, at idle, the oil pressure should remain at 1 bar, rising by 2 units when exceeding 3000 rpm. Watch out for distribution: Most diligent owners replace the entire assembly, including the water pump and front balance shaft belt, every two years. But there are also those who postpone this deadline for a year, unless they have already traveled 40,000 km. In any case, it is better to be aware of this operation and to be prepared to have it carried out, if necessary, by an experienced mechanic: you can even spend more than 2000 euros, but at least the worst problems are avoided.

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If the turbo has problems… – It is also important that you double check your potential future offload Lancia Delta HF Integral does not come out bluish smoke In the phases of acceleration and gas release. If not, then the reason may be a malfunction turbocharger: a repaired spare part costs around 450 euros, while for a new and original turbo you spend at least 1000 extra. An oil leak just below the front bumper indicates a possible problem with the oil cooler – damage that can cost up to a few hundred euros. There are no particularly critical issues with the gearbox and differentials, so if the transmission is noisy or the clutch isn’t working smoothly, beware.

And finally, the prices… – Based on advertisements posted on major online auto trading platforms, it is observed how quotes It has seen a significant increase compared to even just a few years ago. The times when it was possible to go home are beautiful Lancia Delta HF Integral 8 valves for numbers around 20,000 are now a thing of the past: today they may even need twice as much. The growth trend most clearly concerns the most powerful 16-valve, whose orders are now barely starting from below 50,000 euros. Even “Evos” is more expensive: for a copy of regular production it is necessary to estimate at least expenses 70,000 euroswhile prices for special series, such as Blu Lagos, Verde York or Club Italia, fluctuate according to the number of specimens produced, mileage and state of preservation. Between 100,000 and 300,000 euros. More than a brand new Ferrari 296 GTB.

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