Ducati is serious, it looks like MotoGP and costs a little more than a Panda

Ducati is serious, it looks like MotoGP and costs a little more than a Panda

A motorcycle is able to convey strong emotions to those who ride it, and experience the real thrill of sports riding.

The world of motorcycles includes many manufacturers capable of producing advanced motorcycles capable of great performance. Italy has a leadership role Since there are many brands capable of creating sports cars that are appreciated for the unique lines that come from the pens of the designers and also for the engines that are certified and able to guarantee a great deal of power.

Every year Italian manufacturers strive to produce a series of models capable of meeting market expectations, a market that still believes in fair motorcycles that are able to show their best in environments closed to traffic such as tracks. It is no coincidence that in a place like this you can understand and appreciate the work done to create gems of this kind that elevate motorcycling to the cutting edge.

Everyone was shocked by the performance (Source Canva – Derapate.it)

One of the hard working brands In this goal learner Which has a range in its price list for every motorcycle enthusiast, from the centaur who loves using the motorcycle to enjoy the beautiful scenery to the amateur rider who uses his motorcycle exclusively on the track.

We've never seen a bike like this before

The latest creation from Borgo Panigale is Ducati SuperSport 950 Which is available in a reduced power version for the A2 license and naturally in the full power version. Ducati Supersport 950 With a power of 110 hp at 9000 rpm and 63 Nm of torque available at 6500 rpm. The Supersport 950 has the highest rider safety systems such as Ducati Traction Control Evo and Ducati Wheelie Control Evo traction control system.

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Ducati SuperSport 950
The unique style of Ducati at your fingertips (Source Ducati – Derapate.it)

The motorcycle features Narrowhead V4 engine It is accustomed to traveling at high speeds while proving rich in torque even at low speeds. Being a super sports car His behavior can be surprising if you are not used to it But the feeling was found immediately. Speaking of feel, the ride comfort is great despite having a saddle designed for sporty riding.

Unique sensations Ducati SuperSport 950 You can live in competitive price950 exists Starting from 15,690 euros Which becomes 14,690 if you choose the weakened version for those who obtained an A2 driver’s license.

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