May 29, 2023

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Bologna – Juventus, Moviola: Orsolini retreats in the area but Souza can’t go to the VAR, Mazzoleni decides the penalty kick | first page

match between Bologna – Juventuson the stage At 20.45 At Stadio Dall’Ara, it’s a postponement The thirty-second day of Serie A, which closes the Sunday program. Here are the most discussed arbitration episodes analyzed by moviola di

Bologna – Juventus H. 20.45
Priests – Yoshikawa
Fourth: Minelli
Var: Mazzoleni
Avar: Baganesi

61 ‘ – The VAR screen has started working again.

29′ penalty for Juventus – Lucumi extends to Milik on the right edge of the district, Souza sets the penalty, but, as Mazzoleni reminded him, correctly changes the decision into a penalty kick, Since the error occurred on the line. Also in this case the screen does not work, so it is the video assistant who decides, but on an objective fact.

8′ Penalty for Bologna – Sousa can’t go to the VAR to review Danilo’s speech, It was Lissone Mazzoleni’s video assistant who called the penalty kick, after reviewing the procedure. The penalty seems to be there, given that the defender hits Orsolini, even if the decision is subjective. Here is the explanation.

6 ‘ Exciting, Ursolini dodges Danilo in the area but collides with the Brazilian: However, the referee does not see the ring and cannot go to the VAR to review it, and has to wait for any communication from Mazzolini.

5′ – Stunning in Dall’Ara: VAR works normally, not so is the stadium screen. For now, Sozza can’t be called back to watch any episodes, however According to the regulation, the video assistant from Lissone will decide.

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2 ‘- Instant yellow card for Bosh, dangerous slide on Alex Sandro.