Galaxy A22, today’s low-cost 5G smartphone costs very little

Galaxy A22, today’s low-cost 5G smartphone costs very little

get badge”Best selling smartphone” on me Amazon It’s not easy. To do this, you must have very specific characteristics: in addition to the number of (reduced) sales, you must have an excellent price, excellent characteristics and, above all, be in Serve at all times. All the features that we find in the Galaxy A22, the low-cost smartphone from Samsung which is today the best-selling on the e-commerce platform. Thanks above all to 34% off What do you do, or what do you do Price cut to its lowest point ever and save Approximately 90 euros in the price list. To be able to buy it directly from Amazon, you must click here.

The Galaxy A22 It is the natural example of the fact that not everything 5G Smartphone It must necessarily cost a lot. Now even this niche market (now not much of a niche) is within reach of those who don’t want to spend a fortune to buy a device that supports the maximum connection speed. Samsung smartphone is a perfect phone Low cost smart phone: A large screen, three rear cameras, and a battery that guarantees a superior autonomy of up to two days. The offer has no duration and can end at any moment, also due to the high demand for these watches.

Galaxy A22

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Galaxy A22: Technical sheet

If you are looking for one Low cost 5G smartphone with Excellent value for moneythis is Galaxy A22 its yours.

Let’s start with the screen. The screen contains a file 6.6 inch diagonal With FHD+ resolution and thanks to Super Smooth technology, fluidity is greater when using video games and social apps. On board we find an eight-core processor MediaTek 700 Which also integrates the 5G modem which guarantees excellent connection speed (logically you need a dedicated subscription). Support for 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 1 TB with a microSD card).

For a low-cost smartphone, the photographic sector is also good. let’s find one 48MP main cameraIt is supported by a 5-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel depth camera. On the other hand, the front camera has a resolution of 8 MP and thanks to the bokeh effect, it always allows you to take perfect selfies. We also find artificial intelligence that allows you to always get perfect colors.

there 5000 mAh battery It is a guarantee and allows you to reach the end of the day without too many problems (and in fact you can cover two days with one recharge).

Galaxy A22 Shown: Price and Discount

The Galaxy A22 shown on Amazon to Price 163,90 euroswith one 34% off It is recommended. located RNet savings of approximately 90 euros, which is an excellent number for a low-cost smartphone. There is also the possibility of paying in installments using the service provided by Cofidis which is only activated during the check-out phase (read the rules carefully to understand how it works). The device is shipped directly from Amazon and delivered in a short time.

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Galaxy A22

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