Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 20 2022: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 20 2022: Episode

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise April 6, 2022

episode Ladies’ Paradise 6 From 20 April 2022 s . expectedSt Ray 1 at 15:55 When first viewed, subject to changes. This is the third date with the soap this week. In the event that you are unable to follow the programs on TV, you can always redeem the episode at Ray Play on demand.

Below you will find previews of Ladies’ Paradise 6 From 20 April 2022!

Luca Bastianello (Dante Romagnoli) in a scene from episode 136 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 153 Plot

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jewel She is a determined girl. He thinks he still has a chance with Marco. Their story began with a lie, meaning that Zanata did not immediately admit to being Venus from heaven. Marco Find out later. However, the lie was not an obstacle to the unfolding of love. This feeling is now very questionable. Marco, having had the opportunity to appreciate the sweetness Stefaniahe realized that he had fallen in love with Colombo, thus leaving a daughter Veronica.

Meanwhile, the terms Beatrice They are critical. Doctors don’t get the chance to give them good news Vittorio. With the outlook for his awakening and condition not optimistic, Conte suffers an emotional breakdown. while, Dante Shows closeness and anticipation with the sister of the wife of the master of heaven. He goes to the hospital, where he expresses the despair he has in his heart.

vegan suffers a lot from removal Umberto. Put in front of aut aut di AdelaideGuarnieri took a step back from the daughter Achilles. If the emotional life does not satisfy nations, the workplace can. The stylist receives a totally unexpected phone call that could provide her with the perfect getaway. If he takes this path, he may leave his heart problems behind and start a new chapter in his life.

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Glory He knows what it means to love someone and not be by their side. She does not want her daughter to have the same. urging Stefania Not to give up on his love. This is how the flower meets Marco. The two kiss long and passionate.

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