VIP opinion on the relationship between Gael de Dona and Antonino Spinalbes – VIP older brother

VIP opinion on the relationship between Gael de Dona and Antonino Spinalbes – VIP older brother

The relationship between Antonino And the Yael That’s the focus of the conversation this evening.

The aperitif festivities are interrupted by a row between Giaele, Antonino and Oriana who interrupted the model’s conversation with Danielle to ask her why she hated him. As Giaele immediately leaves the yard annoyed by the unwelcome question, the remaining VIPs begin to comment on her behavior and the reasons for her recent displeasure.

If Oriana can’t explain the reasons for her behavior, it seems that all the VIPs have different opinions on the matter. “In my opinion she also likes another man here,” begins Antonella, convinced that Gielle is also interested in Luca. The former duelist has a clear idea of ​​Gael’s displeasure with Antonino: according to her, her roommate will not be affected by real feelings but her jealousy stems only from her desire to be in the center of attention: “For her, getting out of this context as a couple is more important than the fact that she really loves the man.”.

On the other hand, Daniel feels he can justify it: “I spent a lot but things are done in two parts” He says, while also giving part of the responsibility to Antonino, “The reason she feels so bad is that he hasn’t revealed himself.”. According to the VIP, Giaele would have liked to feel more support from Antonino, instead ending up with the arrival of new entries. “To me it’s all ridiculous.” He covers up, but is upset by the controversy surrounding him.

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Oriana, still confused, asks for explanations about the separation between Antonino and Gielle and the reasons for the rift between them after the last episode. Antonella, after explaining the dynamics of the past few weeks and what kind of bond they had, judged them “Antonino is upset”justifying the removal of the hairdresser from Giaele. “Jealousy sometimes also depends on the desire to be a little hero” He continues, repeating his opinion on VIP.

Eduardo Tavasi He thinks differently: “Giael loves Antonino but he has to protect his marriage. It gets harder and harder because they live together and the harder it gets”. VIP is convinced that Giaele is beginning to have real feelings for Antonino and this can cause real problems for his marriage and who, despite being in the name of freedom, does not think and does not allow any kind of emotional involvement with third parties.

If Antonella hints at a particular interest in Gayelle Luca UnistiniOrellana and Eduardo Tavasi believe it’s just a move to make Antonino jealous.

The situation, at least for now, seems rather muddled and everyone seems to have different theories and opinions: What is the truth?

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