Peter Daily Bian? He is 10 years younger than me, we are not going to get married. I can’t be serious on TV »-

Peter Daily Bian?  He is 10 years younger than me, we are not going to get married.  I can’t be serious on TV »-

He laughs a lot, but then cries. Antonella Elia Brilliant, even self-deprecating, she embodies that lightness she always brought to television that has been her fortune. The fun side of the goose (his words). By nature or by contract, which feeds suspicion. Childhood and adolescence were, to say the least, strenuous: “My mother died when I was a year old and I grew up with my grandparents until I was about six, and then my father—who was a complete stranger to me—came to find every now and then—decided to take me to live with him, perhaps. “Out of jealousy towards those who raised me, and it was a big tear. My grandmother was my mother to me. He took me to a house that was beautiful but sad and dark at the same time, where I felt the emptiness of losing my mother.”

Then her father died in a car accident when she was fifteen years old. Did he go back to his ancestors?
anus. He had a really bad fight with them and I haven’t seen them in years. Meanwhile he had remarried and I lived with his wife, but my relationship with her, without the presence of my father, soon deteriorated… At the age of 18, the first thing I did was leave the house.”

Leaving home at the age of 18. What did he do?
• Sample. Partly because I needed to work, and maybe partly because I was so self-centered. I made TV commercials and in the meantime I devoted myself to great feelings: I studied acting, singing and dancing ».

The first TV work immediately made a splash: Corrado’s “La Corrida”.
 «My dream was to be an actress, and I kept auditioning for cinema, but they didn’t take me. Instead, Corrado caught me flying.”

How did it affect Corrado?
“I made him laugh, he liked my natural gaffes, he focused a lot on improvisation and used my clumsiness to put on a show as it also happened with Raimondo and Mike”.

At the time he was playing theater, he dreamed of cinema, but he ended up in the second division, television …
«TV was terrifying to me, I was afraid to appear, when I went down the stairs I was dying of shame. However, compared to the touring theaters I’m used to, TV was a world apart. When I was working in the theatre, I shared a room with three girls.”

TV was full…
â?????????????????????????????????????? I said to myself do you know what? Who cares about the theatre… The only great tours I remember were those of musicals, because the singers and dancers are so nice, and on the other hand the prose actors are a bit heavy, too heavy, two balls already. Now they will take it, delicate as it is… But they must know it.”

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She reached “Non è la Rai”, but she was “old”.
“I was 27, the other girls 15-16. I was doing a program with Jocelyn and they took me in the middle of her show to go to Non è la Rai. Jocelyn didn’t take it very well, she tied it on her finger… Boncompagni chose me because I made him laugh.”

How did you live that hot and violent year?
“I’ve always lived popularity a bit badly, I never thought it was cool, on the contrary, this mess of babbling kids waiting for us outside the studios made me nervous. I’ve also had a lot of club nights, but it felt weird to go to a club to sign autographs and get paid for it. I was wondering: how is this possible? I go in there, do nothing for an hour, and they pay me.

How much did they pay?
“A lot, even five million, or maybe four. Exorbitant numbers… I was young, I was twenty-seven, and you will say, not so young, but I had an erratic development, always twenty years younger than my biological age. I was overwhelmed by all this popularity, it destabilized me. Ask yourself questions: do I really deserve it, do I deserve all this? The same madness happened to me after the famous first island, where paparazzi and ordinary people pursue me ».

He also did a three-year “squeeze” with Vianello. Broadcasting football without knowing anything about football. Well-known experience…
(smiles) “The one I don’t think I ever had, was the apotheosis. Raimondo never wanted me to know anything about football. I went to watch Sunday’s games with Raimondo and the book group, and he said to me: ‘Clean your nails, don’t worry about the ball.'” I was desperate, I went on air and tried to say something, but everything I said I used Raymondo to make people laugh.”

Elia and Vianello

Too tacky by profession or by DNA?
â?????????????????????????????????????? Your profession, of course, because everyone I worked with asked me to be clumsy and make people laugh, and no one taught me to be serious, polite and professional.

Didn’t even try…
“I hurried there, it was convenient for me and it was required of me. If I had said sensible things Raimundo would have thrown me out. Sure to see me again now, I say to myself: Kill what a goose I was, I am embarrassed to see me, my God; well, I was a child Young, but I was 30 years old.”

Which has a ten though.
a?? This is also true. I feel a little embarrassed when I see myself again, I look like a 30-year-old teenager. Yes, I was really a goose.”

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Isn’t that goose anymore?
(He laughs) “I asked for it … let’s say that today I can take roles more seriously, so I’m always bummed out, but there’s more professionalism and hair in my stomach.”

The 1990s were great for her: Corrado, Vianello and even Mike Bonjorno, who called her “Wheel of Fortune”. Has she always charmed him thanks to the Okagini?
“Yeah, sure. I actually didn’t want to do the wheel. I was at the peak of my career and going and running the boxes seemed to go way back. Everyone thinks I stayed there for ten years, but it was only one year. From the fire. It all happened.” ».

– The embrace of Mike Bonjorno and Antonella Elia at Miss Italy 2007 (ANSA)

Why did he accept even though he thought it was a step backwards?
“Mike called me every day and tried to persuade me, and in the end I gave in, it seemed impolite for me to refuse.”

Today the scene will go viral in which she praises the animal rights competitor who rejected the fur he got thanks to the shepherd… Mike insults her and invites her to leave, to which she replies annoyed: “Of course I’m leaving.”
 «Mike got angry, he said two or three to me, I started crying and invited me into the dressing room: ‘Why are you so upset? I just told you you were stoned.” And he hugged me. Mike loved me like Raimundo and Corrado.”

He was at his peak and decided to go on stage.
• Fatal error in leaving the TV to go and do beauty and the beast In the theater, he showed crap, because, unfortunately, I sang, and I’m not very good at singing. It was a disaster that ruined my career there.”

Also because in the meantime he also agreed to go to Telemontecarlo.
 «A genius and my agent, Lilly Mora, sent me to make a very stupid offer, that genius claimed that Tmc would be the new pole, but I had exclusives with Canale 5. So Mediaset tore the contract in my face, Mike I was so angry: I let you go to the stage and go with the competition . You’re done with us! ”

What did he do next?
I went to Los Angeles to live for three years to study acting, with the strong goal of being an actress. But even there it failed.

In fact, Bobby Avati told her that he didn’t know how to act. He was right?
No, but at any time…

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But it didn’t help, he didn’t take it …
“Of course not, only adults get to do with him and I was too young and rambunctious to work with him. which was then a fantasy and I also saw it, nothing special, that would have taken me in without me lingering on it ».

She is engaged to actor Pietro Delle Piane. are you getting married
• I decided not to. at the moment. Then we’ll see.

But he asked her twice.
a?? I always said yes, because it is impolite to say no. And then in dreams it would be great to get married.”

is 10 down. Does the age difference matter?
“Yes. I can’t accept the thought of my man suddenly seeing me so ugly and old. I’ll be seventy in ten years, he’ll be sixty, and he’ll be in his prime… I feel like crying.”

Don’t cry, I was touched too, he’ll love it anyway.
“Ten years is a long time, getting old scares me so much, it’s so unacceptable to see me fall apart… I’ve always lived wayward, never had a family, and maybe that’s why I don’t recreate it.”

Let’s go back to TV. He won “Island of the Famous” in 2012, but everyone remembers that one that happened in 2004. The fight with Aida Yespica was cult.
“Two pushes and two hairs, but fortunately they took it off me, otherwise it would make me black. It was scary: she changed, until her different voice came out, revealing itself ».

– Antonella Elia on Celebrity Island in 2004 (La Presse)

Are you offensive?
‘ I hope. But you can’t, it’s not socially correct. But I’ll be happy to give you two slaps when I argue with someone.

What memories do you have of “The Island”?
– I adore Isola dei Famosi. There is passion and fun. I will do that all my life. What do you do as a profession? Celebrity Island. I love to be in the wild nature. And then I was born to lead the island, I will be the queen. When I look at it I ask myself: Why am I not driving it?

Will you be better than Ilary Blasey?
(He laughs) Â «Well of course, there’s no doubt. Come on, I’m kidding. Perhaps I will be so chaotic that nothing will be understood, so I will not be fit to be up front, I am too noisy.’

So what are you good at?
(spring) “nothing”.

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