Natalie Caldonazzo tells us about her love for Troisi: ‘She was incredibly humble’

On the episode Gf Vip, Nathalie Caldonazzo talks about the moments he spent with ex-partner Massimo Troisi before his death.

Natalie Caldonazzo He gave moments of great emotion to viewers during Monday night’s episode of Big Brother Vip. Regarding Alfonso Signorini, the showgirl relived the last months of the love story with her Massimo Troisi: “When I was near him, you could hear that metallic chime and he explained to me that it was his heart. He stopped during a football game in San Giorgio Cremano and the entire state paid for the trip to Houston for the operation. He told me we had to go to Los Angeles to talk to the postman manager and then do a check-up in Houston.”

Natalie Caldonazzo continued:For the first two weeks he seemed to have recovered, while after the examination, the doctor brought out a very difficult truth, telling him that his heart was sixty years old and that he had to undergo surgery immediately, either there or in Italy. He chose to do it there, the operation didn’t go well and we stayed in the hospital for a month. The surgery didn’t go well, the doctors told me he needed a transplant, but I tried to reassure him, telling him we’d be back soon, but we could never get on this plane. We made it a month and a half later, using oxygen cylinders and he stubbornly wanted to make this movie with his heart. A movie that killed him in a sense.”

In the end, the showgirl was unable to hold back her tears: “The last memory I carry inside is to celebrate my birthday on May 24, a few days before his death. He fell into such a deep depression that it was hard to get him out of it. He told me that a depressed person is like a prisoner with the door open. Massimo is missing as a human being, as someone who always targets himself, making fun of his weaknesses. He was incredibly humble and at the same time arrogant. I don’t think you miss me alone, but a human being like this in the world is missing.”

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