Resentment Sarah Altobello – VIP Big Brother

Resentment Sarah Altobello – VIP Big Brother

Given the unfortunate recent events, Atilius Today he did nothing but pitch an idea to his partner, Mimma. However, during the evening, with a small smile on his lips, the former head and shoulders with his roommates recalls one of the tweets that appeared during the live broadcast in which his partner – after seeing him in several episodes in unusual clothes – invited him to wear a suit and tie: “Mima saw this commotion” He exclaimed a little thoughtful and a little amused.

about mema, Sarah Showing all his displeasure and closeness to the woman, turning to Attilio, he says: “When I go out, I’ll be the first to hug her.” Explaining that – despite having already apologized to her during the episode – he is willing to do it all over again by looking her in the eye.

“You don’t have to apologize for anything.” He responds to the previous bust which he believes, on the other hand, is solely responsible for the unfortunate event. “It was my camels that bothered me.” He says and adds “I don’t think you’re responsible.”.

Not agreeing with her partner, the model feels guilty: “I was the reason, too.” Furthermore, the VIP once again reiterates that she did not approach him for an ulterior motive and makes it clear that her only intention was just to joke and have fun: The key was not: Attilio I will make you mine..

On the one hand, if Sarah hopes that Mimma can forgive Attilio, on the other hand, the important person looks somewhat worried and hopes that everything between him and his partner will be resolved in the best way.

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