“The six surgeries of the heart. I live with the sword of Damocles »- Corriere.it

“The six surgeries of the heart. I live with the sword of Damocles »- Corriere.it

He made a pit stop in Bergamo for his week-long “Rogue” flip. Omar Pedrini This is how he calls the tests carried out at Humanitas Gavazzeni, a national hospital at the forefront of robotic heart surgery and minimally invasive surgery, to minimize the drama. The District Administrator, Dr. Alfonso Agneno, is evaluating with his team whether an operation is necessary for a rocker from Brescia. The singer himself posted on social media pictures that depict him smiling in front of hospital ward B3, with thanks to the medical and health staff. The former Temuria had been suffering from serious heart problems for years.

Pedrini, why did you choose Humanitas Gavazzeni in Bergamo?

“I just found out that I have severe heart stress. My cardiologist, Alberto Lanzon, who became a friend of mine, recommended Humanitas Gavazzeni, where he worked for five years, for high-level scans and tests. I also have an enlarged heart to some extent, larger than normal.”

Bigger heart looks very poetic.

“Actually, it’s also a pain in the ass. I’ve had six operations with the same number of total anesthesia, four of them in the last year and a half. As a multi-operator, my almost electronic body contains thousands of clot, adhesions, and prostheses, and it’s not easy terrain.” “For the surgeon. Using robotic technology and not having to open up is a great advantage. I can’t wait for the opinion of doctors Aggnino, Paolo Panesi and Valentina Grazioli. They welcomed me like a Pope with efficiency and humanity. Your hospital is the pride of the Lombards.”

How and when did you learn of the last stress in the heart?

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“By chance. In August I was on the beach in Badalucco, Liguria, with my family I was “in trouble” while pushing my son Faustino in the stroller. I ended up in the emergency room of Sanremo: when I told the doctors that I would rather sing in Ariston than in With them, we started laughing. It was Saturday night and they got me out. But after an operation on my aorta, I had some doubts. And so I went to the hospital in Bologna, where I had the operation, for a CT scan, and discovered that the blow from the accident had torn Stitches. And after the operation to close them, in September, I was diagnosed with heart valve incompetence.

In its fight against the whims of the heart it has also become a guide for the prevention of heart disease.

“In 2004 I underwent my first emergency surgery. Ten years later, she fell ill at the end of a concert in Rome. I was at the end of the tour, back. Another rush to the hospital. The first time, my blood pressure peaked at 250. I felt like a moron for never checking her and never having an echocardiogram. Perhaps they would have undergone surgery without having to rush. I’d advise friends and readers to try the squeeze and do yourself a favor. And not just the car.

How do you live with the sword of Damocles?

“We all have one: it is backed by horsehair, and I am thinner than average. And, like me, there are those who have cancerous or contagious diseases, as we have seen in Bergamo and Brescia, where an epidemic has wiped out a generation. Surely the sword of Damocles makes you right with your conscience every time you close your eyes To behave better in human relations: Do not feel like arguing if you have a visit tomorrow and pray to God for it to go well. And then, enjoy the present. You cannot imagine with what eye I look at my children… ».

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The American writer Kurt Vonnegut often repeats the message: “When you are happy, pay attention to it.”

“It should be so. As the eastern sages say: “It would be nice to live every day as if it were the last and learn as if we would never die.” That is why I love those who graduate in their nineties.”

What projects does he have?

They invited me to the March 10 Tibet demonstration in Rome. I’d like to be there as long as he’s not hospitalized.”

Is he Buddhist?

“I am a spiritual man, and I do not observe any dogmas. I follow the Dalai Lama, I love the figure of Jesus. And I am a pacifist anarchist.”

In this “window” outside the hospital, what is he doing?

“I am finalizing my new album, which will be released in May, and it was preceded by the single in April. Music removes anxiety and distracts me. As an unbearable optimist, I think of the Tour, and when I am in the hospital, I look out the window at the beauties of the Upper Town and think of me with my teacher, Gino Veronelli ».

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