March 20, 2023

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Emma Maroney is crazy from Naples: “You see her doing drugs: beautiful people and an intoxicating smell”

Singer Emma Maroney posted a wonderful message dedicated to Naples on social media after a day spent in Campania.

Emma Maroona singer born in Florence but proudly from Salento (she lived there most of her life), was a Naples Experience the city in all its fullness between music, a tribute to Maradona and a Vespa ride through the streets of Naples. Accompanied by some friends, the singer enjoyed some relaxation in Naples, indulging in pizza for dinner at Ciro Oliva’s, taking an overnight trip on Vespa in the historic center and visiting the altar dedicated to Argentine Diez.

Then the artist posted a wonderful message on social media: “See Naples and then abuse it:

Lovely people, intoxicating flavours, flavors that brighten your palate and remind you of the delights of food. Breathtaking views, memories that fill your mind, sometimes break your breath, sometimes bring your life back to how it was before, the way I still wanted it. Everything has a beginning and an end. But something stays forever. It is enough to know how to look for it in the big little things in life. Sometimes a trip isn’t just a move to another place. Sometimes the journey becomes so much more. I was in the pizza I ate. in the sea waves. In the perfume of the Pope. In the notes of those on the street whistling yes I know my way. I don’t know where my way will go, but I’m sure your hands are in mine. Your green eyes light the way. Your voice in my throat and lively cries.”